Abbreviation for Collection: Definition & Meaning

Abbreviation for collection

Abbreviation for Collection

  • COLL

How to Pronounce Collection

“Collection” is pronounced as kuh-lek-shuhn. The emphasis is on the second syllable, “lek.” Say it slowly at first, then pick up speed to sound more natural.

What Does Collection Mean?

A collection refers to a group of items gathered together, usually for a specific purpose or shared characteristic.

It could be anything from books in a library, artworks in a museum, or data sets in a database.

Other Examples

  • A remarkable discovery has been made in South Africa’s Eastern Cape, unveiling one of the country’s most extensive collections of classic cars. — Carmag
  • Aldi introduced its new California Heritage Collection, a line of wine going for less than $5 per bottle. Here’s everything you need to know and where to purchase it in Indy. — Indystar

Synonyms for Collection

Other words that mean similar things to “collection” include “compilation,” “gathering,” “assortment,” or “accumulation.”

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Each of these words implies bringing things together into a unified whole.

The History of the Word

The word “collection” has its roots in Latin, coming from the verb “colligere,” which means “to gather together.”

Over time, it evolved into the English word we use today, retaining its fundamental meaning of bringing things together.

When to Use the Abbreviation

Using the abbreviation COLL is appropriate in contexts where brevity is valued, such as academic papers, bibliographies, or inventory lists.

However, it’s crucial to ensure that the audience understands the abbreviation to avoid confusion.

Example of the Word and Abbreviation in Context

“The museum’s collection of ancient artifacts is extensive and diverse.”

“The museum’s COLL of ancient artifacts is extensive and diverse.”

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