Abbreviation for Delivery (Meaning and Usage)

We’ll cover how to pronounce it, what it means, its synonyms, the history of the word, when to use the abbreviation, and provide examples of both the word and its abbreviation in context.

abbreviation for delivery

Abbreviation for Delivery

The abbreviation for delivery is “DEL.”

It’s a shortened form of the word “delivery,” commonly used in various contexts to represent the full word in a concise manner.

To find more useful abbreviations like this, you can check out this link: Abbreviation for transaction. This resource offers a list of common abbreviations to assist you in your writing or discussions related to transactions and financial matters.

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How to Pronounce Delivery

Pronouncing “delivery” is quite simple. It’s pronounced as “dih-LIV-uh-ree.” Make sure to emphasize the “LIV” part to pronounce it correctly.

What Does Delivery Mean?

Delivery refers to the act of bringing or transporting something from one place to another. It involves the process of getting goods, packages, or information to a specified destination, often by a designated person, service, or method.

Synonyms for Delivery

Delivery can be described using various synonyms, such as:

  1. Shipment: This term highlights the transportation of goods or items to a particular location.
  2. Conveyance: It emphasizes the act of moving or carrying something to its intended recipient.
  3. Distribution: Distribution is the process of spreading or dispersing items to their respective destinations.
  4. Dispatch: This word underscores the prompt and efficient sending or delivering of items or information.

The History of the Word

The word “delivery” has its origins in Middle English, where it was used in the 14th century with the meaning of “a handing over” or “a surrender.”

It has evolved over time to encompass the broader concept of transportation and transfer of goods and information.

When to Use the Abbreviation

You can use the abbreviation “DEL” in various situations where brevity is essential, such as:

  1. Shipping Labels: When creating shipping labels or tracking information for packages, “DEL” can represent “delivery” on the label.
  2. Text Messaging: In informal communication, you might use “DEL” when discussing delivery plans or updates.
  3. Business Documentation: In business documents or forms where space is limited, you can use the abbreviation to save space while conveying the meaning.

Example of the Word and Abbreviation in Context

Example 1: Word: The pizza delivery guy arrived with our order just in time for the party. Abbreviation: The pizza DEL guy arrived with our order just in time for the party.

Example 2: Word: The delivery of the new computer equipment is scheduled for tomorrow. Abbreviation: The DEL of the new computer equipment is scheduled for tomorrow.


The abbreviation for “delivery,” represented as “DEL,” serves as a handy shorthand in various contexts. Understanding how to pronounce “delivery” and its synonyms can help you communicate effectively, whether you’re discussing packages, information, or other forms of transfer.

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