Abbreviation for Including (Meaning and Usage)

Abbreviations are like shortcuts in the world of words. They help us save time and space when writing or typing.

One common abbreviation you might have come across is “incl.,” which stands for “including.” In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this handy abbreviation.

abbreviation for including

Abbreviation for Including

The abbreviation for “including” is quite simple – it’s “incl.”

The abbreviation allows you to convey the same meaning as the full word but in a shorter and more convenient way.

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To explore more abbreviations like this, you can visit this link: Abbreviation for replaced. This resource offers a list of common abbreviations to assist you in your writing or discussions involving replacement.

How to Pronounce

Pronouncing the abbreviation “incl.” is straightforward. You say it as “ink-l,” just like how you pronounce the first part of the word “including.”

What Does Including Mean?

Before we dive deeper into the abbreviation “incl.,” let’s understand what the word “including” means.

“Including” is a preposition, and it’s used to show that something or someone is part of a larger group or category. It’s like saying, “This group includes all the fruits,” which means all fruits are part of the group.

Synonyms for Including

Sometimes, it’s good to have synonyms to express the same idea differently. Here are some synonyms for “including” that you can use in your writing:

  • Incorporating: This word means to include something as part of a whole.
  • Incorporative: It’s an adjective form of “incorporating.”
  • Comprising: This word suggests that something is made up of different parts, including the one mentioned.
  • Containing: If something contains certain elements, it means it includes them.

The History of the Word

Words often have interesting stories about how they came into existence. “Including” has its roots in Latin, where the word “includere” means “to shut in” or “to enclose.”

Over time, it evolved into the English word “including,” which now signifies the act of bringing something or someone into a group or category.

When to Use the Abbreviation

Using the abbreviation “incl.” is handy when you want to save space or make your writing more concise. Here are some situations where you can use it:

  • In lists: “The ingredients for the recipe include eggs, flour, sugar, and milk.”
  • In formal documents: “The meeting agenda covers various topics, incl. budget discussions.”
  • In academic papers: “The study explores various factors, incl. demographic data and environmental factors.”

Example of the Word and Abbreviation in Context

Let’s look at a practical example to see how the word “including” and its abbreviation “incl.” are used in sentences:

  • Full Word: “The picnic will have a variety of food, including sandwiches, fruits, and desserts.”
  • Abbreviation: “The picnic will have a variety of food, incl. sandwiches, fruits, and desserts.”

Both sentences convey the same idea, but the second one is shorter and more to the point, thanks to the abbreviation “incl.”


In the world of words, abbreviations like “incl.” make our writing more efficient and concise. They help us express complex ideas with simplicity.

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