30 Metaphors for Jealousy: The Green-Eyed Monster and More

Jealousy, a complex and often tumultuous emotion, has been a subject of fascination for poets, writers, and psychologists for centuries. It’s a feeling that can manifest in various ways and affect individuals differently.

To help us better understand jealousy, we often turn to metaphors—figurative language that paints a vivid picture of the emotion. In this article, we’ll delve into a variety of metaphors for jealousy, each offering a unique perspective on this powerful emotion.

From the “green-eyed monster” to the “burning envy,” these metaphors provide insight into the intricate world of jealousy.

metaphors for jealousy

What is a Metaphor for Jealousy?

Metaphors are literary devices used to draw parallels between two seemingly unrelated things, offering a fresh perspective and enabling readers or listeners to grasp complex concepts more easily.

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They are potent tools for conveying emotions, as they tap into our innate ability to make connections and associations.

When it comes to jealousy, metaphors provide a colorful and imaginative way to express the feelings and experiences associated with this emotion. They help us visualize jealousy as something tangible, making it easier to discuss and empathize with.

Now, let’s explore the metaphors themselves and give each one meaning through sentences that bring them to life.

Metaphor for JealousyMeaning
Green-eyed monsterJealousy depicted as a beastly envious creature
Burning with envyJealousy as an intense, consuming feeling
Eating one’s heart outJealousy gnawing at the heart, causing turmoil
In the shadow of another’s successFeeling perpetually overshadowed
Feeling the heat of comparisonJealousy arising from constant comparison
Eyeing someone’s success like a hawkConstantly monitoring others’ achievements
Consumed by the green-eyed monsterBeing devoured by envy
Seeing red with jealousyJealousy distorting perception, causing anger
A festering wound of envyJealousy as an unhealed, festering wound
Green with envyDirect association of jealousy with the color green
Feeling the pangs of jealousySharp, painful sensations due to another’s success
Suffering from the envy bugJealousy as an affliction, like being bitten by an insect
A bitter pill of jealousyJealousy as an unpleasant experience to endure
A stew of envyJealousy as a mix of negative emotions
A raging storm of jealousyJealousy as a turbulent and destructive force
Coveting someone’s successLonging for and desiring another’s achievements
A gnawing feeling of envyPersistent, nagging sensation of jealousy
A venomous snake of jealousyJealousy striking suddenly with poisonous thoughts
A smoldering fire of envySlow-burning jealousy, quietly consuming
A tight knot of jealousyJealousy as a constricting and suffocating force
A sour taste of jealousyJealousy leaving an unpleasant taste
A poisoned mind of envyJealousy contaminating thoughts, like poison
A shadow of jealousyA looming, ever-present jealousy
A pit of jealousyJealousy as a deep, inescapable pit
A lurking envyJealousy hiding in the shadows, waiting to emerge
A green-eyed demonPersonifying jealousy as a menacing creature
Jealousy’s gripJealousy’s tight hold, making escape difficult
Envy’s tormentJealousy as a source of ongoing suffering
A jealousy-fueled stormJealousy intensifying like a storm over time
A jealousy-infested heartJealousy taking root and infesting the heart

Jealousy is like a dark cloud that casts a shadow over even the sunniest of days, distorting your perception of happiness. For more similes related to jealousy, you can check out this resource: Similes for Jealousy. Additionally, if you’re interested in idioms associated with jealousy, you can explore them here: Idioms for Jealousy.

Metaphors for Jealousy

1. Green-eyed monster

Meaning: The “green-eyed monster” metaphor suggests that jealousy is a beastly and envious creature with piercing green eyes.

In a Sentence: “When she saw her best friend’s success, the green-eyed monster within her reared its ugly head, filling her heart with envy.”

2. Burning with envy

Meaning: This metaphor implies that jealousy can feel like a burning sensation, intense and consuming.

In a Sentence: “As he watched his rival receive accolades, he couldn’t help but feel like he was burning with envy, wishing it were him in the spotlight.”

3. Eating one’s heart out

Meaning: This metaphor paints a picture of jealousy as something that gnaws at a person’s heart, causing inner turmoil.

In a Sentence: “She spent sleepless nights eating her heart out, haunted by the success that had eluded her.”

4. In the shadow of another’s success

Meaning: This metaphor illustrates jealousy as being constantly overshadowed by someone else’s achievements.

In a Sentence: “Living in the shadow of his brother’s accomplishments, he couldn’t escape the suffocating grip of jealousy.”

5. Feeling the heat of comparison

Meaning: This metaphor suggests that jealousy arises when individuals subject themselves to constant comparisons with others, leading to discomfort.

In a Sentence: “She was always feeling the heat of comparison, measuring herself against her peers and feeling inadequate.”

6. Eyeing someone’s success like a hawk

Meaning: This metaphor likens jealousy to the vigilant gaze of a hawk, constantly monitoring others’ achievements.

In a Sentence: “He watched her climb the corporate ladder, eyeing her success like a hawk, waiting for her to stumble.”

7. Consumed by the green-eyed monster

Meaning: This metaphor portrays jealousy as something that devours a person, leaving them consumed by envy.

In a Sentence: “His obsession with her accomplishments left him consumed by the green-eyed monster, unable to find peace.”

8. Seeing red with jealousy

Meaning: This metaphor implies that jealousy can make a person see everything through a distorted, angry lens.

In a Sentence: “Every time he thought about his friend’s achievements, he couldn’t help but see red with jealousy, losing sight of all reason.”

9. A festering wound of envy

Meaning: This metaphor paints jealousy as a wound that never heals, festering and growing worse over time.

In a Sentence: “Her jealousy had become a festering wound of envy, poisoning her relationships and well-being.”

10. Green with envy

Meaning: This metaphor directly associates jealousy with the color green, symbolizing envy.

In a Sentence: “She turned green with envy as she watched her colleague receive praise and recognition.”

11. Feeling the pangs of jealousy

Meaning: This metaphor likens jealousy to sharp, painful sensations that one experiences in response to another’s success.

In a Sentence: “With each accolade her friend received, she felt the pangs of jealousy stabbing at her heart.”

12. Suffering from the envy bug

Meaning: This metaphor suggests that jealousy can be an affliction, similar to being bitten by an insect.

In a Sentence: “He couldn’t help but suffer from the envy bug every time he saw his neighbor’s new car.”

13. A bitter pill of jealousy

Meaning: This metaphor portrays jealousy as a bitter and unpleasant experience that one must endure.

In a Sentence: “Accepting her sister’s success was like swallowing a bitter pill of jealousy, leaving a sour taste in her mouth.”

14. A stew of envy

Meaning: This metaphor implies that jealousy is a concoction of negative emotions, simmering and brewing within.

In a Sentence: “The room was filled with a stew of envy as the award was handed to someone else.”

15. A raging storm of jealousy

Meaning: This metaphor characterizes jealousy as a turbulent and destructive force, much like a storm.

In a Sentence: “Their rivalry had turned into a raging storm of jealousy, causing havoc in their lives.”

16. Coveting someone’s success

Meaning: This metaphor suggests that jealousy involves longing for and desiring another person’s achievements.

In a Sentence: “She couldn’t help coveting her friend’s success, wishing it were hers instead.”

17. A gnawing feeling of envy

Meaning: This metaphor conveys jealousy as a persistent, nagging sensation that never truly goes away.

In a Sentence: “Even in moments of happiness, a gnawing feeling of envy would creep back into his thoughts.”

18. A venomous snake of jealousy

Meaning: This metaphor likens jealousy to a snake, suggesting that it can strike suddenly and inject poisonous thoughts.

In a Sentence: “Her compliments were often laced with a venomous snake of jealousy, hidden beneath a friendly facade.”

19. A smoldering fire of envy

Meaning: This metaphor portrays jealousy as a slow-burning fire, quietly consuming from within.

In a Sentence: “His admiration for his colleague’s accomplishments was like a smoldering fire of envy, ready to flare up at any moment.”

20. A tight knot of jealousy

Meaning: This metaphor describes jealousy as a tightly wound knot, symbolizing its constricting and suffocating nature.

In a Sentence: “Every time he heard of his friend’s achievements, it felt like a tight knot of jealousy tightening in his chest.”

21. A sour taste of jealousy

Meaning: This metaphor associates jealousy with an unpleasant taste, highlighting its bitterness.

In a Sentence: “Her jealousy left a sour taste in her mouth as she congratulated her coworker on their promotion.”

22. A poisoned mind of envy

Meaning: This metaphor suggests that jealousy can contaminate one’s thoughts and perspectives, much like poison.

In a Sentence: “His constant comparison to others had turned his mind into a poisoned well of envy.”

23. A shadow of jealousy

Meaning: This metaphor portrays jealousy as a looming shadow, always present and casting darkness over one’s happiness.

In a Sentence: “Despite her achievements, she couldn’t shake off the constant shadow of jealousy that haunted her.”

24. A pit of jealousy

Meaning: This metaphor likens jealousy to a deep pit, suggesting that once you fall into it, it’s challenging to climb out.

In a Sentence: “Her jealousy had dug a pit so deep that she felt trapped and unable to escape.”

25. A lurking envy

Meaning: This metaphor conveys the idea that jealousy can hide in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to emerge.

In a Sentence: “Even though he appeared supportive, a lurking envy for his friend’s success was never far from the surface.”

26. A green-eyed demon

Meaning: This metaphor personifies jealousy as a menacing, green-eyed demon that possesses a person.

In a Sentence: “She could feel the green-eyed demon of jealousy taking hold of her every time her colleague received praise.”

27. Jealousy’s grip

Meaning: This metaphor suggests that jealousy has the power to hold someone tightly, making it difficult to break free.

In a Sentence: “He struggled to escape jealousy’s grip as it clung to him, preventing him from finding happiness.”

28. Envy’s torment

Meaning: This metaphor characterizes jealousy as a source of ongoing suffering and distress.

In a Sentence: “The constant comparison with her sister’s success became envy’s torment, haunting her every day.”

29. A jealousy-fueled storm

Meaning: This metaphor likens jealousy to a storm that gains strength from envy, growing more intense over time.

In a Sentence: “Their friendship was torn apart by a jealousy-fueled storm that raged on for years.”

30. A jealousy-infested heart

Meaning: This metaphor portrays jealousy as an infestation that takes root in a person’s heart.

In a Sentence: “His jealousy had spread like a disease, turning his once warm heart into a jealousy-infested chamber.”

Here are 10 quiz questions related to the metaphors mentioned in the article:

Quiz 1:

  1. What does the metaphor “Green-eyed monster” represent in the context of jealousy?

Quiz 2: 2. In the metaphor “Eating one’s heart out,” what does the heart symbolize in relation to jealousy?

Quiz 3: 3. What imagery does the metaphor “Seeing red with jealousy” invoke?

Quiz 4: 4. How is jealousy portrayed in the metaphor “A festering wound of envy”?

Quiz 5: 5. What does the metaphor “A sour taste of jealousy” suggest about the experience of jealousy?

Quiz 6: 6. In the metaphor “A green-eyed demon,” what does the “demon” symbolize in relation to jealousy?

Quiz 7: 7. How does the metaphor “A smoldering fire of envy” describe the nature of jealousy?

Quiz 8: 8. What does the metaphor “A pit of jealousy” convey about the depth and impact of jealousy?

Quiz 9: 9. How is jealousy characterized in the metaphor “Jealousy’s grip”?

Quiz 10: 10. What does the metaphor “A jealousy-infested heart” suggest about the effect of jealousy on a person’s emotions?

Feel free to use these quiz questions to test your readers’ understanding of the metaphors for jealousy discussed in the article.


Metaphors for jealousy provide us with a rich tapestry of images and feelings associated with this complex emotion. From the fierce “green-eyed monster” to the quiet but persistent “smoldering fire of envy,” these metaphors capture the essence of jealousy in various forms.

By using figurative language, we can better comprehend and communicate the intensity and nuances of jealousy, a universal emotion that touches us all in different ways.

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