30 Metaphors for Laughing + Quiz

This article aims to unravel the colorful tapestry of expressions that depict one of humanity’s most delightful experiences – laughing.

Here, we’ll dive into various metaphors, each painting a unique picture of laughter, from the subtle chuckle to the roaring guffaw.

Whether you’re a language enthusiast, a writer seeking inspiration, or simply curious, this exploration promises to be as entertaining as it is enlightening. So, let’s embark on this journey of joyous expression together!

metaphors for laughing

What is a Metaphor for Laughing

Metaphors for laughing are linguistic tools that compare laughter to something else, often to describe its intensity, sound, or the feelings it evokes. Unlike similes that use “like” or “as,” metaphors directly state that one thing is another, enriching our language with vivid imagery and creative expression.

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These metaphors not only paint a picture of the laughter itself but also help convey the context and emotions surrounding the moment of mirth.

Here’s a summary of all the metaphors for laughing in a table format:

Laughing like a hyenaLoud, uncontrollable, wild laughter
Chuckling like a schoolgirlGiggly, innocent, shy laughter
Giggling like a mischievous elfPlayful, cheeky, light-hearted laugh
Cackling like a witchLoud, slightly eerie, uncontrolled laughter
Roaring with laughterVery loud, hearty, deep laughter
Bursting into laughterSudden, spontaneous eruption of laughter
Cracking upLosing control and laughing uncontrollably
Rolling on the floor laughingExtreme laughter with a physical response
Laughing like a drainLoud, unrestrained laughter
Howling with laughterLoud, boisterous laughter
Busting a gutLaughing so hard it feels physically taxing
Falling into fits of laughterRepeated, uncontrollable bursts of laughter
Laughing like a maniacWild, unrestrained, intense laughter
Hooting with mirthLoud and joyful laughter
Laughing like a loonEccentric, loud, carefree laughter
Shaking with laughterLaughter causing one’s body to shake or tremble
Breaking into peals of laughterSuccession of loud, hearty laughs
Laughing like a thunderstormPowerful, resounding laughter
Laughing uproariouslyExtremely loud and uncontrolled laughter
Guffawing like a donkeyLoud, coarse laughter
Laughing like a waterfallContinuous, cascading laughter
Laughing like a mad scientistCrazed, enthusiastic laughter
Snickering like a villainSly, somewhat malicious laughter
Tittering like a nervous girlTimid, restrained laugh due to nervousness
Chortling with delightJoyful, contented laughter
Giggling like a babyInnocent, joyful, soft laughter
Laughing like a jackalWild, unbridled laughter
Chuckling like a jesterClever, knowing laughter
Laughing like a bubbling brookGentle, continuous, pleasant laughter
Laughing like a clownLoud, exaggerated, infectious laughter

Each metaphor offers a distinct and colorful way to describe different types of laughter, enhancing our language with vivid imagery.

Laughing is like a burst of sunshine on a cloudy day. If you want to discover more similes related to laughing, you can check out this resource: Similes for Laughing. Additionally, if you’re interested in idioms associated with laughing, you can explore them here: Idioms for Laughing.

Metaphors for Laughing

1. Laughing like a Hyena

Meaning: This metaphor suggests loud, uncontrollable, and somewhat wild laughter.

In a Sentence: “At the comedian’s joke, he started laughing like a hyena, drawing everyone’s attention in the room.”

2. Chuckling like a Schoolgirl

Meaning: This implies a giggly, innocent, and somewhat shy type of laughter.

In a Sentence: “Seeing her childhood photos, she couldn’t help but chuckle like a schoolgirl.”

3. Giggling like a Mischievous Elf

Meaning: This metaphor portrays a playful, cheeky, and light-hearted laugh.

In a Sentence: “He looked at the prank he had set up and started giggling like a mischievous elf.”

4. Cackling like a Witch

Meaning: A loud, slightly eerie and uncontrolled laughter.

In a Sentence: “Around the campfire, she told ghost stories, cackling like a witch at the scary parts.”

5. Roaring with Laughter

Meaning: This denotes a very loud, hearty, and deep laughter.

In a Sentence: “The audience was roaring with laughter at the comedian’s punchline.”

6. Bursting into Laughter

Meaning: This suggests a sudden and spontaneous eruption of laughter.

In a Sentence: “Unable to contain himself, he burst into laughter at the unexpected joke.”

7. Cracking Up

Meaning: Losing control and laughing uncontrollably.

In a Sentence: “Just when the meeting was getting too serious, a joke made everyone crack up.”

8. Rolling on the Floor Laughing (ROFL)

Meaning: An extreme level of laughter, indicating a physical response.

In a Sentence: “The slapstick comedy had them rolling on the floor laughing.”

9. Laughing like a Drain

Meaning: A metaphor suggesting loud, unrestrained laughter.

In a Sentence: “The clown’s antics had the children laughing like a drain.”

10. Howling with Laughter

Meaning: This portrays a loud, boisterous type of laughter.

In a Sentence: “The entire room was howling with laughter after the keynote speaker’s hilarious anecdote.”

11. Busting a Gut

Meaning: Laughing so hard that it feels physically taxing.

In a Sentence: “I was busting a gut watching that new comedy show last night.”

12. Falling into Fits of Laughter

Meaning: Experiencing repeated and uncontrollable bursts of laughter.

In a Sentence: “The absurdity of the situation had them falling into fits of laughter.”

13. Laughing like a Maniac

Meaning: This suggests wild, unrestrained, and intense laughter.

In a Sentence: “He reacted to the joke by laughing like a maniac, surprising everyone.”

14. Hooting with Mirth

Meaning: A loud and joyful kind of laughter.

In a Sentence: “They were hooting with mirth during the hilarious play.”

15. Laughing like a Loon

Meaning: This implies eccentric, loud, and carefree laughter.

In a Sentence: “Under the starry sky, they sat by the campfire, laughing like loons.”

16. Shaking with Laughter

Meaning: When laughter causes one’s body to shake or tremble.

In a Sentence: “The surprise punchline had everyone shaking with laughter.”

17. Breaking into Peals of Laughter

Meaning: Suggests a succession of loud, hearty laughs.

In a Sentence: “Her witty comment had the group breaking into peals of laughter.”

18. Laughing like a Thunderstorm

Meaning: Denotes powerful, resounding laughter.

In a Sentence: “His booming voice was laughing like a thunderstorm, filling the room with joy.”

19. Laughing Uproariously

Meaning: Extremely loud and uncontrolled laughter.

In a Sentence: “The absurd play had the audience laughing uproariously.”

20. Guffawing like a Donkey

Meaning: A loud, coarse kind of laughter.

In a Sentence: “At the sight of the comical scene, he started guffawing like a donkey.”

21. Laughing like a Waterfall

Meaning: Suggests a continuous, cascading kind of laughter.

In a Sentence: “Their laughter flowed endlessly, laughing like a waterfall.”

22. Laughing like a Mad Scientist

Meaning: This implies a crazed, enthusiastic kind of laughter.

In a Sentence: “He threw his head back, laughing like a mad scientist at his discovery.”

23. Snickering like a Villain

Meaning: A sly, somewhat malicious kind of laughter.

In a Sentence: “Hearing the plan unfold, he began snickering like a villain.”

24. Tittering like a Nervous Schoolgirl

Meaning: A timid, restrained laugh, often due to nervousness.

In a Sentence: “During the speech, she was tittering like a nervous schoolgirl.”

25. Chortling with Delight

Meaning: A joyful, contented kind of laughter.

In a Sentence: “Seeing the puppy play, the old man was chortling with delight.”

26. Giggling like a Baby

Meaning: An innocent, joyful, and soft laughter.

In a Sentence: “The tickles had the little one giggling like a baby.”

27. Laughing like a Jackal

Meaning: Suggests a wild, unbridled kind of laughter.

In a Sentence: “The group was laughing like jackals at the comical mishap.”

28. Chuckling like a Jester

Meaning: A clever, knowing kind of laughter.

In a Sentence: “He chuckled like a jester, understanding the hidden joke.”

29. Laughing like a Bubbling Brook

Meaning: This implies gentle, continuous, and pleasant laughter.

In a Sentence: “Their light conversation was filled with laughter like a bubbling brook.”

30. Laughing like a Clown

Meaning: A loud, exaggerated, and often infectious kind of laughter.

In a Sentence: “In the circus tent, he was laughing like a clown, enjoying every moment.”

Here are 10 quiz questions based on the metaphors for laughing discussed in the article:

  1. Which metaphor for laughter suggests a loud, uncontrolled, and somewhat wild expression?
    • A) Chuckling like a schoolgirl
    • B) Cackling like a witch
    • C) Laughing like a hyena
    • D) Giggling like a mischievous elf
  2. What does ‘bursting into laughter’ metaphorically describe?
    • A) A gentle, continuous laugh
    • B) A sudden and spontaneous eruption of laughter
    • C) Laughing in a high-pitched tone
    • D) A slow build-up to laughter
  3. If someone is ‘guffawing like a donkey’, how are they laughing?
    • A) Softly and subtly
    • B) In a high-pitched, giggly manner
    • C) Loudly and coarsely
    • D) Quietly and reservedly
  4. Which metaphor would best describe a playful, light-hearted laugh?
    • A) Roaring with laughter
    • B) Giggling like a mischievous elf
    • C) Howling with laughter
    • D) Tittering like a nervous girl
  5. ‘Shaking with laughter’ indicates what kind of laughter?
    • A) Controlled and quiet
    • B) Laughter causing one’s body to shake or tremble
    • C) A very low, deep laugh
    • D) A mocking type of laughter
  6. What does ‘laughing like a loon’ imply?
    • A) An eccentric, loud, and carefree laughter
    • B) A sophisticated and controlled laughter
    • C) A nervous, timid laughter
    • D) A sad, melancholic laughter
  7. If someone is ‘chortling with delight’, how are they expressing their laughter?
    • A) In a loud, obnoxious way
    • B) Quietly to themselves
    • C) With joy and contentment
    • D) In a sarcastic manner
  8. ‘Falling into fits of laughter’ means:
    • A) Experiencing repeated and uncontrollable bursts of laughter
    • B) Laughing in a melodious tone
    • C) Brief, sporadic chuckles
    • D) Laughing while feeling physically ill
  9. Which metaphor describes laughter that is likened to a continuous, cascading sound?
    • A) Laughing like a waterfall
    • B) Cackling like a witch
    • C) Giggling like a baby
    • D) Snickering like a villain
  10. ‘Laughing uproariously’ is best described as:
    • A) Extremely loud and uncontrolled laughter
    • B) A soft, subtle laugh often heard in libraries
    • C) A polite, formal kind of laughter
    • D) A secretive, whisper-like laughter

These questions can serve as an engaging way to test understanding of the various metaphors for laughter discussed in the article.


Laughter is a universal language, and these metaphors for laughing add color and depth to our expressions of joy and amusement. Each metaphor offers a unique window into the diverse ways we experience and express laughter, from the subtle chuckle to the uproarious guffaw.

By exploring these metaphors, we not only enrich our vocabulary but also gain a deeper appreciation for the joyous moments in life.

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