OPPS Word Meaning, Uses, and Examples

“Opps” may sound like a strange word, but it’s a term you might have heard among your friends or online.

In this article, we’ll explore what “opps” means, how it’s used, and who uses it.

opps meaning

What Does “opps” Mean?

“Opps” is a shortened form of the word “opposition.” It’s a slang term used to describe someone who is considered a personal enemy or adversary.

Essentially, when someone says “opps,” they are talking about someone they have a conflict with or someone who opposes them in some way.

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So, to sum it up, “opps” means:

  • A personal enemy or adversary.
  • Someone you’re in opposition to or have a conflict with.

In a Sentence:

Here’s how you can use “opps” in a sentence:

  • “I can’t believe my best friend is now my opps after that argument.”

Who Uses “opps”?

“Opps” is a word that is often used in informal or slang conversations. It’s commonly used by younger people, especially teenagers and young adults. You might come across it in social media posts, text messages, or when chatting with your friends. It’s not typically used in formal or academic settings.

When to Use “opps”

Knowing when to use “opps” can be helpful in expressing your feelings or describing a situation. You can use it when:

  • You want to talk about someone who is your personal enemy.
  • You’re in a disagreement or conflict with someone.
  • You want to describe someone who opposes you in a specific situation.

Remember that “opps” is not suitable for formal or serious discussions, so use it with caution and in appropriate contexts.


“Opps” might not be a word you find in your school textbooks, but it’s part of the evolving language of slang and informal communication. It’s a handy word to describe someone you’re not on good terms with or someone you’re in opposition to.

Just keep in mind that it’s best used in casual conversations with friends and peers and not in formal or serious discussions.

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