How to Pronounce Sexy in English

Whether you’re curious about its correct pronunciation or want to use it confidently in your conversations, we’ve got you covered.

how to pronounce sexy

How to Pronounce “Sexy”

The word “sexy” is pronounced as “sek-see.”

It’s a short and straightforward word with just two syllables. To say it correctly, break it down like this: “sek” (rhymes with ‘neck’) and “see” (rhymes with ‘tree’).

Noun: As a noun, “sexy” refers to a person’s attractiveness or the quality of being sexually appealing. For example, you might say, “She has a sexy smile,” to express that someone’s smile is attractive.

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Verb: When used as a verb, “sexy” means to make something or someone more appealing in a sexual way. For instance, “She knows how to sexy up her wardrobe with the right accessories.”

What Does “Sexy” Mean?

“Sexy” describes something or someone that is sexually attractive or alluring. It’s often used to compliment someone’s physical appearance or to describe something that has an enticing quality.

The History of the Word

The origin of the word “sexy” can be traced back to the early 20th century. It’s believed to have derived from the Latin word “sexus,” which means ‘gender’ or ‘male and female.’

Over time, it evolved into its current meaning, associated with attractiveness and allure.

When to Use “Sexy”

You can use the word “sexy” in various contexts. Some common situations include:

  1. Complimenting someone’s appearance: “You look really sexy in that outfit.”
  2. Describing something alluring or appealing: “The movie had a sexy, mysterious atmosphere.”
  3. Referring to the sexual attraction between people: “There was undeniable chemistry, and the night felt really sexy.”

Examples of the Word in Context

  1. She walked into the room wearing a red dress that made her look incredibly sexy.
  2. The music video featured dancers performing sexy moves that captivated the audience.
  3. He has a deep, sexy voice that melts hearts whenever he speaks.


Now that you know how to pronounce “sexy” and understand its meanings and usage, you can confidently incorporate it into your conversations.

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