29 Similes for Children + Quiz

Similes? You might wonder what those are. Well, think of them as magical bridges made of words, connecting things in ways that make you go, “Aha, I get it!”

These clever little comparisons add a dash of imagination and sparkle to your sentences. So, let’s embark on this adventure and unravel the secrets of similes in a way that even a child could understand.

similes for a children

What is a Simile for Children?

Before we jump into the fun part, let’s make sure we’re on the same page about what a simile is. A simile is a figure of speech that compares two different things using the words “like” or “as.”

It’s like saying one thing is similar to another but in a more imaginative and playful way. Instead of saying something is just “fast,” you can say it’s “as fast as a cheetah.” See how much more exciting that sounds?

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What is a simile?

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Identify the simile in the following sentence: “She swims like a fish.”

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What is a metaphor?

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Which of the following is a metaphor?

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What is an idiom?

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What does the idiom “break the ice” mean?

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What is an adjective?

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Choose the adjective in the following sentence: “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”

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What is an abbreviation?

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What does the abbreviation “e.g.” stand for?

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What is a verb?

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Identify the verb in the following sentence: “The cat sleeps on the sofa.”

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“Out of the frying pan into the fire” is an example of:

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Which of the following is an adjective?

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The abbreviation “NASA” stands for:

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Choose the metaphor in the following sentence: “Time is a thief.”

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What does the idiom “hit the books” mean?

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Which of the following sentences contains a simile?

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“LOL” is an abbreviation for:

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Identify the verb in this sentence: “They whispered secrets into the night.”

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Now, let’s break down some popular similes for children and find out what they mean and how to use them.

SimileMeaningExample Sentence
As busy as a beeExtremely busy and activeSarah was organizing her birthday party and helping her mom with chores.
As fast as a cheetahIncredibly speedyJimmy ran to catch up with his friends in the park.
As sly as a foxVery clever and cunningThe detective solved the mysterious case quickly.
As light as a featherExtremely lightweight and delicateThe backpack felt after removing the heavy books.
As brave as a lionShowing great courage and fearlessnessMaria stood up to the school bully bravely.
As bright as a starShining with a radiant glowEmily’s smile when she received her award was bright.
As cool as a cucumberExtremely calm and composedJane remained calm during the emergency.
As busy as a beaverWorking diligently and industriouslyTimmy finished his homework and practiced the piano.
As happy as a clamFeeling extremely happy and contentSarah was thrilled after receiving a surprise gift.
As strong as an oxExceptionally strong and powerfulGrandpa lifted the heavy box effortlessly.
As quiet as a mouseMaking little to no noiseThe library was perfect for studying as it was quiet.
As slippery as an eelExtremely elusive and hard to catchCatching the butterfly proved to be elusive.
As busy as a squirrelConstantly moving and activeThe playground during recess was bustling with activity.
As sharp as a tackVery intelligent and quick-wittedGrandma remembered all her childhood stories.
As wise as an owlIncredibly wise and knowledgeableThe old librarian recommended the best books wisely.
As cute as a buttonExtremely adorable and charmingThe puppy with its wagging tail was cute.
As playful as a puppyFull of energy and playfulnessThe children at the park were running and giggling.
As sweet as candyIncredibly sweet and pleasantGrandma’s homemade cookies were delicious.
As snug as a bug in a rugFeeling extremely comfortable and cozyLily was warm and cozy in her bed.
As curious as a catExtremely inquisitive and eager to exploreThe toddler examined every nook and cranny.
As busy as an antIncredibly industrious and hardworkingThe students prepared for the school play diligently.
As big as a houseExceptionally large in sizeThe giant pumpkin won first prize at the fair.
As small as a peaIncredibly tiny and minusculeThe print on the label required a magnifying glass.
As clear as crystalPerfectly transparent and easy to understandThe instructions made the project a breeze.
As shiny as a new pennyGleaming and polishedMary’s shoes looked sparkling after a thorough polish.
As cold as iceExtremely chilly and frigidThe wind made everyone bundle up.
As hot as a stoveExtremely hot and scorchingThe summer day was sweltering.
As silly as a clownActing in a goofy and amusing mannerTimmy made everyone laugh at the costume party.
As hungry as a bearFeeling extremely famished and ready to eatThe kids devoured sandwiches after the hike.

Children are like sponges, always eager to soak up new knowledge. If you’re interested in idioms related to children, you can find them here: idioms for children. Additionally, if you want to explore metaphors for describing children, you can check them out at this link: metaphors for children.

Similes for Children

1. As busy as a bee.

Meaning: Extremely busy and active, like a bee buzzing from one flower to another.

In a Sentence: Sarah was as busy as a bee, organizing her birthday party and helping her mom with chores.

2. As fast as a cheetah.

Meaning: Incredibly speedy, like the world’s fastest land animal, the cheetah.

In a Sentence: Jimmy ran as fast as a cheetah to catch up with his friends in the park.

3. As sly as a fox.

Meaning: Very clever and cunning, like a fox outwitting its prey.

In a Sentence: The clever detective was as sly as a fox, solving the mysterious case in no time.

4. As light as a feather.

Meaning: Extremely lightweight and delicate, like a feather floating in the breeze.

In a Sentence: The backpack felt as light as a feather after he removed all the heavy books.

5. As brave as a lion.

Meaning: Showing great courage and fearlessness, just like the king of the jungle, the lion.

In a Sentence: Maria was as brave as a lion when she stood up to the school bully.

6. As bright as a star.

Meaning: Shining with a radiant glow, like a dazzling star in the night sky.

In a Sentence: The smile on Emily’s face was as bright as a star when she received her award.

7. As cool as a cucumber.

Meaning: Extremely calm and composed, even in stressful situations.

In a Sentence: Despite the chaos around her, Jane remained as cool as a cucumber during the emergency.

8. As busy as a beaver.

Meaning: Working very diligently and industriously, like a beaver building a dam.

In a Sentence: Timmy was as busy as a beaver, finishing his homework and practicing the piano.

9. As happy as a clam.

Meaning: Feeling extremely happy and content, like a clam in its cozy shell.

In a Sentence: After receiving a surprise gift, Sarah was as happy as a clam.

10. As strong as an ox.

Meaning: Exceptionally strong and powerful, like a mighty ox used for heavy lifting.

In a Sentence: Grandpa was as strong as an ox, effortlessly lifting the heavy box.

11. As quiet as a mouse.

Meaning: Making little to no noise, like a mouse sneaking around silently.

In a Sentence: The library was as quiet as a mouse, perfect for studying.

12. As slippery as an eel.

Meaning: Extremely elusive and hard to catch, like an eel slipping through your fingers.

In a Sentence: Catching the elusive butterfly was as slippery as an eel.

13. As busy as a squirrel.

Meaning: Constantly moving and active, just like a squirrel gathering nuts.

In a Sentence: The playground was as busy as a squirrel’s home during recess.

14. As sharp as a tack.

Meaning: Very intelligent and quick-witted, like a sharp tack.

In a Sentence: Grandma’s memory was as sharp as a tack, remembering all her childhood stories.

15. As wise as an owl.

Meaning: Incredibly wise and knowledgeable, like the owl, often associated with wisdom.

In a Sentence: The old librarian was as wise as an owl, recommending the best books.

16. As cute as a button.

Meaning: Extremely adorable and charming, just like a cute button.

In a Sentence: The little puppy was as cute as a button, with its wagging tail.

17. As playful as a puppy.

Meaning: Full of energy and playfulness, like an excited puppy.

In a Sentence: The children were as playful as puppies at the park, running and giggling.

18. As sweet as candy.

Meaning: Incredibly sweet and pleasant, like your favorite candy.

In a Sentence: Grandma’s homemade cookies were as sweet as candy.

19. As snug as a bug in a rug.

Meaning: Feeling extremely comfortable and cozy, like a bug in a warm rug.

In a Sentence: After tucking herself in, Lily was as snug as a bug in a rug on a cold winter night.

20. As curious as a cat.

Meaning: Extremely inquisitive and eager to explore, like a curious cat.

In a Sentence: The toddler was as curious as a cat, examining every nook and cranny.

21. As busy as an ant.

Meaning: Incredibly industrious and hardworking, like a busy ant in a colony.

In a Sentence: The students were as busy as ants, preparing for their school play.

22. As big as a house.

Meaning: Exceptionally large in size, like a house itself.

In a Sentence: The giant pumpkin was as big as a house, winning first prize at the fair.

23. As small as a pea.

Meaning: Incredibly tiny and minuscule, like a small pea.

In a Sentence: The print on the label was as small as a pea, requiring a magnifying glass to read.

24. As clear as crystal.

Meaning: Perfectly transparent and easy to understand, like crystal-clear water.

In a Sentence: The instructions were as clear as crystal, making the project a breeze.

25. As shiny as a new penny.

Meaning: Gleaming and polished, just like a freshly minted penny.

In a Sentence: Mary’s shoes were as shiny as a new penny after a thorough polish.

26. As cold as ice.

Meaning: Extremely chilly and frigid, like ice on a winter day.

In a Sentence: The wind was as cold as ice, prompting everyone to bundle up.

27. As hot as a stove.

Meaning: Extremely hot and scorching, like a heated stove. In a Sentence: The summer day was as hot as a stove, and the ice cream melted quickly.

28. As silly as a clown.

Meaning: Acting in a goofy and amusing manner, like a circus clown.

In a Sentence: During the costume party, Timmy was as silly as a clown, making everyone laugh.

29. As hungry as a bear.

Meaning: Feeling extremely famished and ready to eat a lot, like a bear after hibernation.

In a Sentence: After the long hike, the kids were as hungry as bears, devouring sandwiches.

Here are 10 quizzes about the similes mentioned in the article.

Quiz 1:

  1. Simile: “As fast as a cheetah.”
    What does this simile mean?
  • A. Very slow and lazy
  • B. Incredibly speedy
  • C. As heavy as a rock

Quiz 2:

  1. Simile: “As brave as a lion.”
    What does this simile mean?
  • A. Extremely fearful
  • B. Showing great courage and fearlessness
  • C. As timid as a mouse

Quiz 3:

  1. Simile: “As cool as a cucumber.”
    What does this simile mean?
  • A. Extremely hot and bothered
  • B. Extremely calm and composed
  • C. As wild as a tornado

Quiz 4:

  1. Simile: “As small as a pea.”
    What does this simile mean?
  • A. Incredibly tiny and minuscule
  • B. Exceptionally large in size
  • C. As heavy as a rock

Quiz 5:

  1. Simile: “As playful as a puppy.”
    What does this simile mean?
  • A. Extremely serious and focused
  • B. Full of energy and playfulness
  • C. As sleepy as a sloth

Quiz 6:

  1. Simile: “As clear as crystal.”
    What does this simile mean?
  • A. Very muddy and unclear
  • B. Perfectly transparent and easy to understand
  • C. As loud as thunder

Quiz 7:

  1. Simile: “As shiny as a new penny.”
    What does this simile mean?
  • A. Dull and tarnished
  • B. Gleaming and polished
  • C. As old as the hills

Quiz 8:

  1. Simile: “As curious as a cat.”
    What does this simile mean?
  • A. Extremely uninterested
  • B. Extremely inquisitive and eager to explore
  • C. As busy as a bee

Quiz 9:

  1. Simile: “As big as a house.”
    What does this simile mean?
  • A. Incredibly tiny and cramped
  • B. Exceptionally large in size
  • C. As light as a feather

Quiz 10:

  1. Simile: “As sweet as candy.” What does this simile mean?
    • A. Very bitter and unpleasant
    • B. Incredibly sweet and pleasant
    • C. As sour as a lemon

Feel free to use these quizzes to test your knowledge of similes!


Well, my fellow word adventurers, we’ve uncovered the magical world of similes for children together. These playful comparisons add a sprinkle of fun and excitement to your everyday language. Remember, you can be as creative as you want with similes.

Just like the ones we explored today, they can make your words burst with energy and paint vivid pictures in the minds of your listeners.

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