30 Synonyms & Antonyms for Social Media


The noun for “social media” is “social media.” It refers to online platforms and websites that enable users to create and share content, connect with others, and engage in social networking.


The verb associated with “social media” is “to socialize.” While “to socialize” has a broader meaning beyond online interaction, it can be used to describe the act of engaging with others on social media platforms.


Online networking
Digital platforms
Web-based communities
Internet forums
Virtual networks
Cyber networking
Web communities
Online platforms
Digital social networks
Web forums
Internet socializing
Online communities
Cyber communities
Digital forums
Virtual social networks


Offline communication
Face-to-face interaction
Real-world networking
Personal gatherings
Traditional media
In-person engagement
Physical interaction
Direct communication
Non-digital networking
Tangible socialization
Conventional socializing
Analog social connections
Human-to-human interaction
Traditional networking
Physical meet-ups

Examples from books and articles

  • Social media is a collective term for websites and applications that focus on communication, community-based input, interaction, content-sharing.
  • Social media can be a powerful platform to connect you with your ideal customers. It can also drive you crazy!

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