What 5 Teachers Are Actually Doing On Their 6-Week ‘Holiday’

When summer rolls around and school’s out, everyone thinks teachers are just relaxing and having fun. But what are they really doing during their 6-week break?

This article will explore the real-life summer activities of five different teachers. You might be surprised to find out that their “holiday” isn’t all about lounging in the sun!

What 5 Teachers Are Actually Doing

Teacher 1: The Planner

Preparing for Next Year

Ms. Thompson, a history teacher, spends a good chunk of her summer planning for the next school year.

She reads new books, creates lesson plans, and even starts preparing classroom materials. For her, summer is a crucial time to get ahead and make sure her students will have an interesting and informative year.

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Attending Workshops

She also attends workshops and training sessions. This helps her stay updated on the latest teaching methods and educational trends. It’s not just about relaxing; it’s about growing professionally.

Teacher 2: The Student

Back to School

Mr. Lopez, who teaches math, turns into a student himself over the summer. He’s currently working on his Master’s degree, so he spends his break attending classes and studying. It’s hard work, but he knows it’ll be worth it.

Tutoring On The Side

Besides his own studies, Mr. Lopez tutors students in his free time. This helps him stay sharp in his subject and also earn a little extra income.

Teacher 3: The Volunteer

Community Involvement

Ms. Patel, an English teacher, dedicates her summer to volunteering. She works with local community centers, helping with literacy programs and organizing book clubs for children. Her passion for teaching goes beyond the classroom.

Learning Through Service

She believes that volunteering helps her understand her students and their backgrounds better. It’s a way for her to keep connected and give back to the community.

Teacher 4: The Explorer

Traveling the World

Mr. Nguyen, a science teacher, uses his summer to travel. He loves exploring new places and learning about different cultures. This year, he’s on a trip to South America, where he’s visiting rainforests and learning about local wildlife.

Bringing Experiences to the Classroom

He takes lots of photos and notes, planning to share these experiences with his students. It’s his way of bringing real-world knowledge into his science lessons.

Teacher 5: The Relaxer

Well-Deserved Rest

Finally, there’s Ms. Garcia, the art teacher, who actually does use her summer to relax. She believes in the importance of recharging and takes this time to enjoy hobbies like painting and gardening.

Creative Inspiration

Relaxing helps her stay creative. She often finds new ideas for her art classes while engaging in her own art projects. It’s not just about resting; it’s about finding inspiration.


So, what are teachers really doing on their 6-week holiday? They’re planning, studying, volunteering, exploring, and yes, even relaxing. Each teacher has their own way of spending this time, but one thing is clear: they’re always growing, learning, and preparing to make the next school year even better for their students.

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