1001+ Words That End With ic + Quiz

These words can describe all sorts of things, from how something looks or feels to scientific terms or even words related to our everyday lives.

So, let’s explore this cool aspect of the English language and discover some “ic” words.

Words That End With ic

15-letter Words Ending in “ic”

electromagneticRelated to electromagnetism
impressionisticPertaining to impressionism
interscholasticAssociated with interscholastic activities
anticholinergicReferring to anticholinergic substances
parasympatheticRelating to the parasympathetic nervous system
anthropocentricCentered around humans
sympathomimeticMimicking the effects of the sympathetic nervous system
extralinguisticBeyond the realm of language
semilogarithmicExhibiting a semi-logarithmic scale or relationship
dolichocephalicDescribing a long-headed or narrow-skulled condition
hendecasyllabicConsisting of eleven syllables
heterochromaticHaving different colors or shades
magnetoelectricCombining magnetic and electric properties
psychotomimeticMimicking the effects of psychosis
hypercatalecticHaving an extra syllable at the end of a line of poetry
ultrademocraticExtremely democratic or egalitarian
nonaristocraticNot related to aristocracy
parthenogeneticRelating to parthenogenesis, a type of asexual reproduction
nucleosyntheticPertaining to nucleosynthesis
pharmacokineticConcerned with the movement of drugs in the body
electrophoreticInvolving electrophoresis
radiotelemetricRelated to the transmission of data by radio waves
photogrammetricRelating to photogrammetry, a technique for measuring objects
centrosymmetricExhibiting central symmetry
cytophotometricInvolving the measurement of cell properties with light
diffractometricConcerned with diffraction, especially in physics
interferometricRelating to interferometry, a measurement technique
phenylketonuricPertaining to phenylketonuria, a genetic disorder
ophthalmoscopicRelated to ophthalmoscopy, an eye examination
chorioallantoicAssociated with the chorioallantoic membrane in eggs
boustrophedonicWritten in alternating directions
phytoplanktonicInvolving phytoplankton, microscopic aquatic plants
microelectronicRelating to microelectronics
interelectronicBetween electronic components
photoelectronicInvolving the emission or control of electrons by light
symptomatologicConcerned with the study of symptoms
neuropathologicRelated to neuropathology, the study of nervous system diseases
histopathologicPertaining to histopathology, the examination of tissues
posthemorrhagicFollowing hemorrhage or bleeding
neuroscientificRelated to neuroscience, the study of the nervous system
paleogeographicConcerned with the geography of ancient times
phytogeographicRelating to the geographical distribution of plants
historiographicInvolving historiography, the study of historical writing
anthropomorphicAttributing human characteristics to non-human entities
gynandromorphicExhibiting both male and female characteristics
cinematographicRelated to cinematography, the art of making movies
chromatographicInvolving chromatography, a technique for separating compounds
nonphotographicNot related to photography
platyhelminthicAssociated with flatworms (platyhelminths)
encephalopathicRelating to encephalopathy, brain disease or disorder
pharmacodynamicConcerned with the action of drugs on the body
noncarcinogenicNot causing cancer
phytopathogenicCausing disease in plants
sociolinguisticPertaining to the study of language and society
ventriloquisticRelated to ventriloquism, the art of speaking without moving one’s lips
nonrelativisticNot adhering to the theory of relativity
progressivisticEmbracing progressive ideas or approaches
crosslinguisticInvolving comparisons across different languages
particularisticFocusing on specific details or circumstances
expressionisticPertaining to expressionism, an art movement
exhibitionisticDisplaying behavior for attention
contortionisticRelating to contortion, extreme flexibility
perfectionisticExhibiting a perfectionist attitude
nonantagonisticNot antagonistic or hostile
indeterministicNot following a deterministic view
conceptualisticRelated to conceptualism, emphasizing concepts or ideas
individualisticPromoting individualism or individual independence
functionalisticFocusing on the functionality or purpose
irrationalisticEmbracing irrationalism, rejecting reason
commercialisticPertaining to commercialism, emphasizing profit
phenomenalisticConcerned with phenomena and experiences
sadomasochisticInvolving sadomasochism, a combination of sadism and masochism
achondroplasticRelating to achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism
endonucleolyticInvolving endonucleolysis, a type of nucleic acid cleavage
exoerythrocyticOccurring outside of red blood cells
electrodialyticRelated to electrodialysis, a separation technique
electroacousticCombining electrical and acoustic properties
pharmacognosticConcerned with the study of medicinal plants
atheroscleroticRelated to atherosclerosis, the buildup of plaque in arteries
micrometeoriticInvolving micrometeorites, tiny space debris particles

14-letter Words Ending in “ic”

characteristicDescriptive quality or trait
claustrophobicRelated to claustrophobia, fear of confined spaces
thermoelectricConcerned with the conversion of heat into electricity
cardiothoracicPertaining to both the heart and thoracic (chest) region
hypoallergenicDesigned to minimize allergic reactions
unenthusiasticLacking enthusiasm or interest
antiarrhythmicUsed to treat or prevent irregular heart rhythms
universalisticEmbracing universal principles or beliefs
antineoplasticInhibiting the growth of cancer cells
organometallicInvolving organic compounds containing metal atoms
metalinguisticConcerned with the study of language itself
subtherapeuticBelow the level of effectiveness in treatment
paralinguisticRelating to nonverbal communication in speech
submicroscopicToo small to be seen with a light microscope
electrokineticRelated to the movement of electrically charged particles
overoptimisticExcessively optimistic
postganglionicRelating to nerve fibers that extend from a ganglion
stereospecificHaving a specific spatial arrangement
cytopathogenicCausing damage to cells
antiphlogisticReducing inflammation or fever
extraembryonicOutside the embryonic region
brachycephalicHaving a short and broad head
filiopietisticExcessively devoted to one’s ancestors
thromboplasticRelated to blood clot formation
orthochromaticHaving uniform sensitivity to all colors
cycloaliphaticPertaining to cyclic aliphatic compounds
psychodramaticInvolving psychodrama, a form of therapy
conductimetricRelating to the measurement of electrical conductivity
nonpsychiatricNot related to psychiatric disorders
refractometricConcerned with the measurement of refraction
conductometricInvolving the measurement of electrical conductance
anthropometricPertaining to the measurement of human body dimensions
supersymmetricExhibiting a specific type of symmetry in physics
potentiometricInvolving the measurement of electrical potential
pyrheliometricRelated to the measurement of solar radiation
stoichiometricRelating to the balanced chemical proportions in reactions
hemoglobinuricCharacterized by the presence of hemoglobin in urine
submetacentricReferring to a type of chromosome
thermomagneticInfluenced by both temperature and magnetism
hermaphroditicHaving both male and female reproductive organs
hyperaestheticExtremely sensitive to sensory stimuli
erythropoieticRelated to the production of red blood cells
ultraenergeticExtremely energetic
hyperenergeticExcessively energetic
chemosyntheticInvolving the synthesis of organic compounds by chemical reactions
photosyntheticPertaining to the process of photosynthesis
presymptomaticOccurring before the appearance of symptoms
noncharismaticLacking charisma or charm
antidemocraticOpposed to democratic principles
bacteriostaticInhibiting the growth of bacteria
telangiectaticCharacterized by dilated blood vessels
unbureaucraticNot adhering to bureaucratic rules
optoelectronicCombining optical and electronic components
antiallergenicReducing or preventing allergic reactions
internucleonicRelating to the nucleons within an atomic nucleus
antihistaminicCountering the effects of histamine
tachistoscopicConcerned with rapid visual presentation
parthenocarpicProducing fruit without fertilization
phantasmagoricResembling a fantastic or surreal scene
diastereomericHaving different spatial arrangements
stereoisomericHaving the same molecular formula but different spatial arrangement
magnetosphericRelated to the magnetic field of a celestial body
subatmosphericBelow atmospheric pressure
asthenosphericPertaining to the upper part of the Earth’s mantle
rhinencephalicRelating to the olfactory or smelling part of the brain
myelencephalicConcerned with the medulla oblongata of the brain
prosencephalicRelated to the forebrain or prosencephalon
prepsychedelicOccurring before the psychedelic era
pyroninophilicAttracted to pyronin, a red dye
keratinophilicThriving on keratin, a protein in hair and skin
hypermetabolicExperiencing an abnormally high metabolic rate
thromboembolicInvolving the formation of blood clots
electrodynamicRelated to the dynamics of electric charge
monocarboxylicContaining a single carboxylic acid group
cocarcinogenicActing as a co-carcinogen in cancer development
hallucinogenicInducing hallucinations
agglutinogenicCapable of causing agglutination
ergastoplasmicPertaining to the endoplasmic reticulum in cells
chemotaxonomicRelated to the classification of organisms based on chemical traits
poikilothermicHaving variable body temperature
computerphobicFearful or averse to computers
staphylococcicCaused by or related to Staphylococcus bacteria
enantiomorphicExhibiting enantiomerism, a type of stereoisomerism
gerontomorphicResembling an elderly person
dermatoglyphicRelating to the patterns of ridges on the skin
spectrographicConcerned with the analysis of spectra
arteriographicInvolving the visualization of arteries
oscillographicPertaining to the recording of oscillations
metallographicRelating to the study of the structure of metals
autobiographicRelating to one’s own life story
serotoninergicInvolving the neurotransmitter serotonin
sedimentologicConcerned with the study of sediments
ophthalmologicRelated to the medical study of the eye
epizootiologicConcerned with the occurrence of diseases in animals
roentgenologicRelating to X-ray radiography
endocrinologicRelated to the study of hormones and endocrine glands
geochronologicPertaining to the measurement of geological time
chronobiologicConcerned with biological rhythms and time
psychobiologicInvolving the interaction of psychology and biology
antiscientificOpposed to scientific principles

13-letter Words Ending in “ic”

socioeconomicRelated to the interaction of social and economic factors
philanthropicInvolving charitable giving or humanitarian actions
transatlanticCrossing or situated across the Atlantic Ocean
opportunisticTaking advantage of opportunities, often at the expense of ethics
hydroelectricGenerating electricity from the energy of flowing water
electrostaticConcerned with static electricity
schizophrenicRelated to schizophrenia, a mental disorder
semiautomaticPartly automatic, requiring some human intervention
unsympatheticLacking empathy or understanding
thermoplasticCapable of being shaped by heat
stratosphericLocated in the stratosphere, a layer of Earth’s atmosphere
probabilisticInvolving probability or likelihood
antipsychoticUsed to treat or manage psychotic disorders
psychosomaticRelated to the interaction between the mind and body
thermodynamicConcerned with the relationships between heat, work, and energy
ferroelectricExhibiting ferroelectricity, a property of certain materials
unproblematicLacking significant problems or difficulties
monochromaticConsisting of a single color or wavelength
anthropogenicResulting from human activities
intergalacticOccurring between or among galaxies
posttraumaticRelating to the aftermath of a traumatic event
photoelectricInvolving the emission of electrons when exposed to light
ferromagneticExhibiting ferromagnetism, a property of certain materials
architectonicConcerned with the principles of architecture
archbishopricThe jurisdiction or office of an archbishop
interspecificOccurring between different species
phallocentricFocusing on the male perspective or viewpoint
polychromaticComprising a variety of colors
pathognomonicCharacteristic and indicative of a particular disease
hypereutecticHaving a composition beyond the eutectic point
antispasmodicRelieving or preventing muscle spasms
intraspecificOccurring within the same species
transthoracicAcross or through the chest
epileptogenicCapable of inducing or causing epileptic seizures
semisyntheticPartially synthesized, combining natural and synthetic elements
extragalacticBeyond or outside our galaxy
antiparasiticUsed to treat or prevent parasitic infections
noradrenergicRelated to the neurotransmitter norepinephrine
electrophilicAttracting electrons in chemical reactions
antisymmetricExhibiting antisymmetry, a mathematical property
uncharismaticLacking charisma or charm
prescientificOccurring before the development of modern scientific methods
tricarboxylicContaining three carboxylic acid groups
ferrimagneticExhibiting ferrimagnetism, a type of magnetism
preganglionicOccurring before a ganglion in the nervous system
postembryonicRelating to the stage of development after embryonic
pointillisticCharacterized by a painting technique using small dots of color
isoelectronicHaving the same number of electrons
heterogameticHaving different sex chromosomes
infraspecificOccurring within a particular subspecies
heteromorphicHaving different forms or shapes
psychrophilicThriving in cold temperatures
heterothallicHaving different mating types
sympatholyticReducing the activity of the sympathetic nervous system
antiscorbuticPreventing or curing scurvy
triploblasticComprising three germ layers in embryonic development
monomorphemicConsisting of a single morpheme
actinomorphicRadially symmetrical in form
theriomorphicHaving the form or characteristics of a beast or animal
intragalacticOccurring within a single galaxy
anticlimacticDisappointingly dull or unexciting
countertacticCounteracting or opposing tactics
parasyntheticInvolving a combination of synthesis and analysis
overenergeticExcessively energetic
nonalphabeticNot related to the alphabet
nondemocraticNot adhering to democratic principles
idiosyncraticHaving unique or peculiar characteristics
magnetostaticConcerned with the static magnetic fields
pantisocraticRelating to a hypothetical form of utopian society
gerontocraticRuled or dominated by the elderly
conglomeraticComposed of various elements or components
hematopoieticRelated to the formation of blood cells
preanestheticOccurring before anesthesia
hyperestheticExtremely sensitive to sensory stimuli
paleomagneticRelated to the study of ancient Earth’s magnetic field
embryogeneticConcerned with the development of embryos
immunogeneticRelated to the genetics of the immune system
psychogeneticInvolving the origins of psychological traits
morphogeneticConcerned with the development of form or structure
organogeneticRelating to the formation of organs
hydromagneticConcerned with the behavior of magnetic fields in water
psychokineticRelated to the ability to influence objects with the mind
onomatopoeticImitating the sound of what it describes
viscosimetricConcerned with the measurement of viscosity
turbidimetricRelating to the measurement of turbidity
triboelectricInvolving the generation of electric charge by friction
turboelectricRelated to the generation of electricity through turbines
piezoelectricCapable of generating electric charge under pressure
biotelemetricConcerned with the remote measurement of biological data
nonparametricNot based on specific parameters
amphitheatricRelated to amphitheaters, venues for performances
cephalometricConcerned with the measurement of the head
nephelometricRelating to the measurement of cloudiness or turbidity
galvanometricInvolving the measurement of electric currents
trigonometricConcerned with the relationships of angles and sides in triangles
respirometricRelating to the measurement of respiration
spectrometricConcerned with the analysis of spectra
magnetometricInvolving the measurement of magnetic properties
densitometricConcerned with the measurement of density

12-letter Words Ending in “ic”

enthusiasticShowing intense interest or excitement
photographicRelating to photography, the art of taking pictures
catastrophicInvolving a sudden and disastrous event
journalisticRelated to journalism, the practice of reporting news
philharmonicPertaining to a symphony orchestra or music
asymptomaticWithout showing symptoms of a disease or condition
naturalisticRelating to naturalism, an artistic or philosophical movement
alphanumericCombining letters and numbers
programmaticConcerned with a set of coordinated activities or goals
prophylacticPreventive or protective, especially in medical contexts
melodramaticExaggerated or sensational in an emotional way
photodynamicInvolving the interaction of light and chemicals
undemocraticNot adhering to democratic principles
chiropracticRelated to chiropractic, a form of alternative medicine
phylogeneticConcerned with the evolutionary relationships of species
nonalcoholicWithout alcohol or not related to alcoholic beverages
unscientificNot based on scientific principles
photovoltaicConverting sunlight into electricity
paradigmaticServing as a typical or exemplary example
transpacificCrossing or situated across the Pacific Ocean
encyclopedicComprehensive and covering a wide range of topics
stereoscopicInvolving the use of binocular vision for depth perception
psychotropicAffecting the mind or mental processes
transoceanicRelating to or crossing an ocean
electrolyticInvolving the conduction of electricity through a solution
relativisticRelating to the theory of relativity in physics
capitalisticRelated to capitalism, an economic system
psychopathicPertaining to psychopathy, a personality disorder
unapologeticNot expressing regret or remorse
postsynapticRelating to the region of a neuron after a synapse
orthographicConcerned with the correct spelling and writing of words
surrealisticCharacterized by surrealism, an artistic movement
unsystematicLacking a systematic or organized approach
monosyllabicComprising a single syllable
misogynisticDisplaying a hatred or dislike for women
hydrodynamicConcerned with the motion of fluids
hyperkineticExcessively active or energetic
dopaminergicInvolving or affecting dopamine, a neurotransmitter
photochromicCapable of changing color in response to light
hypoglycemicHaving a lower than normal level of blood sugar
heterocyclicContaining a ring structure with different types of atoms
hieroglyphicUsing hieroglyphs, ancient Egyptian writing
paramagneticExhibiting paramagnetism, a type of magnetism
misanthropicDisplaying a general dislike or distrust of humanity
thermophilicThriving in high-temperature environments
ecclesiasticRelating to the Christian church or clergy
anthelminticUsed to treat or expel parasitic worms
polysyllabicComprising multiple syllables
epigrammaticConcise and witty in expression
extrahepaticLocated or occurring outside the liver
stereophonicProducing or reproducing sound in multiple channels
antipatheticHaving a strong aversion or dislike for something
axisymmetricExhibiting symmetry around an axis
panchromaticSensitive to a wide range of colors
serotonergicRelating to the neurotransmitter serotonin
intrapsychicOccurring within the mind or psyche
monophyleticDescended from a common ancestral species
androcentricFocusing on or favoring the male perspective
quadraphonicInvolving four separate sound channels
organolepticRelating to the senses, particularly taste and smell
osteoplasticPertaining to the surgical repair of bone
hydrokineticRelating to the movement of water
heliocentricCentered around the sun
undiplomaticLacking tact or diplomacy
monosynapticInvolving a single synapse
nucleophilicAttracting or reacting with electron-rich species
scenographicRelating to the design and arrangement of stage settings
dicarboxylicContaining two carboxylic acid groups
pyroelectricGenerating an electric charge when heated or cooled
orthorhombicExhibiting orthorhombic crystal structure
catadioptricInvolving both mirrors and lenses in optical systems
apochromaticFree from chromatic aberration
superplasticCapable of undergoing large plastic deformations
propaedeuticProviding introductory instruction or preparation
bronchogenicOriginating in the bronchi or airways
isodiametricHaving equal diameters
gonadotropicStimulating the activity of the gonads
intergenericOccurring between different genera
gyromagneticRelated to the magnetic properties of rotating objects
polysynapticInvolving multiple synapses
antipruriticRelieving or preventing itching
cellulolyticCapable of breaking down cellulose
periphrasticExpressing an idea in a roundabout or indirect way
interoceanicSituated or crossing between oceans
oligotrophicCharacterized by a lack of nutrients
bathypelagicRelating to the zone of the ocean below the pelagic zone
analphabeticLacking an alphabet or written characters
trichromaticInvolving three colors
dodecaphonicEmploying a twelve-tone musical system
technetronicRelating to technology and electronics
subantarcticSituated below or near the Antarctic Circle
antirachiticPreventing or treating rickets
antimagneticResistant to magnetism
radiomimeticImitating the effects of radiation
monometallicConsisting of a single metal
paraphrasticExpressing an idea in different words
holophrasticContaining a single word that represents a phrase
diploblasticComprising two germ layers in embryonic development
intervocalicOccurring between vowels in speech
exophthalmicRelated to protrusion of the eyeball

11-letter Words Ending in “ic”

therapeuticRelated to healing or treatment
demographicPertaining to population characteristics
sympatheticShowing compassion or understanding
problematicInvolving problems or difficulties
polytechnicRelating to a technical institute or university
atmosphericConcerned with Earth’s atmosphere
unrealisticNot based on reality or practicality
symptomaticRelating to the symptoms of a disease or condition
microscopicExtremely small, requiring a microscope for observation
charismaticHaving a compelling and magnetic personality
prehistoricBelonging to a time before recorded history
synergisticShowing enhanced effects when combined
apocalypticRelated to or describing a catastrophic event
gravimetricConcerned with the measurement of gravity
aerodynamicDealing with the forces and flow of air
psychedelicProducing hallucinations or altered perceptions
pluralisticEmbracing diversity and multiple perspectives
mechanisticExplaining phenomena in terms of mechanical processes
hydrophobicRepelling or resistant to water
multiethnicComprising multiple ethnic groups
anaestheticInducing insensitivity to pain or consciousness
macroscopicVisible to the naked eye
ritualisticInvolving formal or ceremonial actions
holographicRelated to holography, a 3D imaging technique
hydrostaticConcerned with the equilibrium of liquids at rest
peripateticMoving or traveling from place to place
nonspecificNot limited to a particular type or category
hermeneuticConcerned with the interpretation of texts
metamorphicInvolving a change in form or nature
melancholicCharacterized by a state of sadness or depression
nonmetallicNot containing metal elements
gastronomicRelating to food and cuisine
unpatrioticNot displaying loyalty or devotion to one’s country
hydrophilicAttracting or absorbing water
cardiogenicOriginating from the heart
immunogenicCapable of inducing an immune response
cholinergicRelated to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine
pyrotechnicConcerned with the production of fireworks or pyrotechnics
anisotropicExhibiting different properties in different directions
presynapticLocated before a synapse
teratogenicCapable of causing birth defects
hygroscopicAbsorbing or attracting moisture from the air
telegraphicRelating to the transmission of messages by telegraph
nasogastricRelating to the nose and stomach
pyroclasticConsisting of volcanic fragments
tumorigenicCapable of inducing the formation of tumors
endothermicAbsorbing heat from the surroundings
proteolyticInvolving the breakdown of proteins
inauthenticNot genuine or true
psychogenicOriginating from psychological factors
socialisticRelating to socialism, an economic and political system
unauthenticLacking authenticity or genuineness
orthostaticPertaining to an upright or standing position
nephrotoxicToxic to the kidneys
porphyriticContaining large crystals in a fine-grained matrix
monozygoticArising from a single fertilized egg
syntagmaticRelating to the syntagmatic aspects of language
neurolepticRelating to drugs used to treat psychiatric disorders
polycentricHaving multiple centers
isoelectricHaving the same electrical potential
myoelectricRelating to the electrical activity of muscles
neurotropicHaving an affinity for nerve tissues
interatomicOccurring between atoms
macrocyclicHaving a large cyclic structure
monomorphicHaving a single form or shape
cryptogenicOf unknown or hidden origin
conspecificBelonging to the same species
feldspathicContaining feldspar minerals
antipyreticReducing or alleviating fever
climactericRelating to a critical or transitional period
theocentricCentered around the divine or God
fibrocysticCharacterized by fibrous tissue and cysts
transuranicRelating to elements with atomic numbers greater than uranium
communisticPertaining to communism, a political ideology
acidophilicThriving in acidic environments
heterotopicOccurring at an abnormal location
bioelectricInvolving the electric properties of living organisms
syllogisticRelating to syllogism, a form of logical reasoning
cholestericDisplaying cholesteric liquid crystal properties
unaestheticNot aesthetically pleasing
amphiphilicHaving both hydrophilic and hydrophobic regions
amphipathicDisplaying both polar and nonpolar characteristics
diamagneticExhibiting weak repulsion by a magnetic field
heterotypicInvolving different types or forms
axonometricDisplaying objects with parallel lines
photomosaicComprising a mosaic of photographic images
idiographicConcerned with individual or unique characteristics
endomorphicHaving a round or soft body
ectothermicReliant on external sources for temperature regulation
ectomorphicHaving a lean and slender body
mesomorphicHaving a muscular and athletic body
diaphoreticInducing sweating
semiaquaticPartially adapted to an aquatic environment
fungistaticInhibiting the growth of fungi
monogeneticArising from a single source or origin
hypermetricExhibiting excessive muscle activity
auxotrophicUnable to grow without a specific nutrient
ithyphallicDepicting an erect phallus
carbocyclicContaining a ring structure with carbon atoms
geostrophicRelating to the geostrophic flow of air or water

10-letter Words Ending in “ic”

electronicRelating to technology and devices using electricity
scientificConcerned with the principles of science
democraticRelated to or based on a system of government where power is vested in the people
diagnosticRelating to the identification of diseases or conditions
systematicFollowing a logical and organized approach
geographicPertaining to the study of Earth’s physical features and locations
linguisticConcerned with language and its structure
diplomaticRelated to the conduct of international relations
antibioticA substance that destroys or inhibits the growth of bacteria
arithmeticRelating to basic mathematical operations
monolithicCharacterized by being large, rigid, and unchanging
scholasticRelated to education and learning
concentricHaving a common center or axis
futuristicRelating to or characteristic of the future
asymmetricLacking symmetry or not identical on both sides
idealisticPursuing noble and high-minded principles
ophthalmicConcerned with the study of the eyes and eye diseases
anestheticInducing insensitivity to pain or consciousness
ultrasonicInvolving or using sound waves with frequencies above the human audible range
pathogenicCapable of causing disease
transgenicInvolving the transfer of genes between different species
apologeticExpressing regret or apology
dielectricInsulating material in electronics and electricity
antisepticPreventing infection or promoting cleanliness
stochasticInvolving randomness or probability
prognosticRelating to the prediction of future events
idiopathicOf unknown or spontaneous origin
supersonicTraveling at a speed greater than the speed of sound
telephonicRelating to the transmission of sound over a distance
uneconomicNot economically viable or efficient
emblematicSymbolic or representative of something
telescopicRelating to telescopes or their use for distant observation
polyphonicInvolving multiple voices or musical parts
ultramaficComposed primarily of mafic minerals (igneous rock)
antistaticPreventing or removing static electricity
polycysticHaving multiple cysts or fluid-filled sacs
prostheticArtificial body part or limb
workaholicObsessed with or addicted to work
moralisticConcerned with moral principles and values
volumetricRelating to the measurement of volume
empatheticShowing empathy or understanding
hypersonicTraveling at speeds greater than Mach 5
allogeneicPertaining to tissues or organs from different individuals
hyperbolicExaggerated or characterized by hyperbole
hypodermicRelating to the injection of substances beneath the skin
egocentricSelf-centered and focused on one’s own interests
novelisticPertaining to the writing or style of novels
aeronauticRelated to the design and operation of aircraft
photogenicHaving a quality that photographs well
hemostaticPromoting the control of bleeding
homoeroticPertaining to erotic feelings or relationships between members of the same sex
lipophilicHaving an affinity for lipids or fats
exothermicReleasing heat during a chemical reaction
polycyclicHaving multiple interconnected rings
histrionicTheatrical or melodramatic in behavior or style
sophomoricImmature or juvenile in thinking or behavior
synergeticResulting from the interaction of multiple elements
anaplasticCharacterized by a lack of differentiation or structure
xenobioticForeign or artificial substance in an organism
cytopathicCausing damage to or death of cells
bimetallicComprising two different metals
phlegmaticHaving a calm and unemotional temperament
diachronicConcerned with changes over time
synchronicConcerned with a particular point in time
apoplecticRelating to or suffering from a sudden, severe stroke or fit
unspecificNot clearly defined or precise
phosphoricRelating to or containing phosphorus
unromanticLacking romantic or sentimental qualities
hyperbaricInvolving increased pressure, typically in a chamber
iatrogenicInduced or caused by medical treatment or procedures
adrenergicRelating to or stimulated by adrenaline
cytostaticInhibiting the growth and division of cells
anamorphicPertaining to a distorted or altered image
numismaticRelated to the study or collection of coins
unhygienicLacking cleanliness or sanitary conditions
neurogenicOriginating from or related to nerves
arrhythmicLacking a regular or rhythmic pattern
undramaticLacking excitement or theatricality
pentatonicHaving five notes within an octave
hypertonicHaving a higher osmotic pressure or concentration
schismaticCharacterized by division or conflict within a group
syphiliticRelating to or caused by syphilis
osteogenicRelating to the formation of bone
biodynamicConcerned with the relationship between life forces and agriculture
isomorphicHaving the same form or structure
geomorphicRelating to the shape and features of the Earth’s surface
talismanicPossessing magical or protective qualities
monophonicConsisting of a single melody or voice
allostericPertaining to the regulation of enzyme activity by binding at a site other than the active site
ultrabasicHaving very low levels of silica in igneous rock
cabalisticRelated to mystical or secret knowledge
homophonicHaving a single melodic line with accompaniment
polyclinicA medical facility offering a variety of outpatient services
monoclinicExhibiting a monoclinic crystal structure
radiogenicOriginating from radioactive decay
seriocomicCombining seriousness with humor
geocentricHaving the Earth as a center or reference point
metronomicRegular and steady, like the ticking of a metronome
chocoholicSomeone who is addicted to chocolate
semipublicNot entirely private but not fully public

9-letter Words Ending in “ic”

strategicConcerned with planning and strategy
automaticOperating without human intervention
realisticBased on a practical understanding of reality
fantasticExtraordinary or imaginative
syntheticCreated artificially or not naturally occurring
aestheticConcerned with beauty and art
authenticGenuine and true
energeticFull of energy and enthusiasm
pragmaticPractical and focused on results
intrinsicBelonging naturally; inherent
alcoholicRelated to or containing alcohol
metabolicRelating to the chemical processes within living organisms
patrioticDevoted to one’s country and its values
geometricConcerned with shapes, sizes, and properties of objects
hydraulicRelating to the movement of liquids
eccentricDeviating from conventional behavior or norms
stylisticPertaining to style or artistic expression
statisticRelating to the collection and analysis of data
catalyticInvolving a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction
embryonicIn an early stage of development
inorganicNot derived from living organisms
geriatricRelating to the elderly or old age
enigmaticMysterious and puzzling
ballisticRelated to the flight of projectiles
parasiticLiving at the expense of another organism
schematicRepresenting information using symbols and diagrams
propheticPredictive or foretelling the future
cryogenicInvolving extremely low temperatures
pneumaticPowered by air pressure
syntacticConcerned with the structure of sentences and phrases
sarcasticUsing irony or mockery to convey contempt
psychoticRelating to severe mental disorders
dialecticRelated to the art of reasoning and argumentation
autonomicInvoluntary and self-regulating
apostolicRelating to the apostles of Jesus Christ
polymericComprising multiple repeating units or monomers
lethargicLacking energy or enthusiasm
heuristicInvolving a problem-solving strategy or technique
messianicPertaining to the Messiah or a savior figure
climacticReaching a crucial or climatic point
chromaticRelating to color or color perception
taxonomicConcerned with the classification of organisms
apatheticShowing lack of interest or enthusiasm
obstetricRelated to childbirth and midwifery
symphonicRelating to harmony and orchestral music
cytotoxicHarmful to cells or cell-killing
extrinsicExternal or not inherent
analgesicRelieving pain or discomfort
epilepticRelated to epilepsy or seizures
algebraicInvolving mathematical symbols and operations
paramedicA medical professional trained in emergency care
lymphaticRelating to the lymphatic system
isotropicHaving uniform properties in all directions
axiomaticSelf-evident or unquestionably true
dendriticBranching like a tree or neuron
quadraticInvolving a quadratic equation or polynomial
rheumaticRelating to rheumatism, a painful condition of joints
vitriolicHarshly critical or caustic in expression
pedagogicRelated to teaching and education
catharticProviding emotional release or purification
probioticPromoting the growth of beneficial microorganisms
idiomaticPertaining to the language’s unique expressions and phrases
isometricHaving equal measurements or dimensions
inelasticNot easily deformable or responsive to changes
parabolicShaped like a parabola or having a similar curve
patristicConcerned with the writings of the Church Fathers
aliphaticRelating to organic compounds with straight-chain structures
epistemicRelating to knowledge and its acquisition
subatomicSmaller than or existing within atoms
spasmodicCharacterized by sudden, involuntary muscle contractions
chivalricDisplaying the qualities of chivalry and knighthood
bishopricThe jurisdiction or diocese of a bishop
paralyticAffected by paralysis, loss of muscle function
gymnasticPertaining to physical exercises and gymnastics
tricyclicComprising three connected rings
epizooticAffecting a large number of animals in a region
atheisticDenying or rejecting the existence of deities
prismaticHaving a geometrical shape with flat faces
honorificConveying respect or honor
atomisticRelating to the theory that matter is composed of indivisible atoms
oncogenicCapable of causing cancer
soporificInducing sleep or drowsiness
dyspepticSuffering from indigestion or irritability
telegenicAppearing attractive on television
agonisticInvolving competition or conflict
calorificRelating to the heat or energy content of food
demagogicAppealing to emotions and prejudices of the masses
orgiasticCharacterized by unrestrained indulgence and ecstasy
nicotinicRelating to nicotine or its effects
adiabaticOccurring without the exchange of heat
hypotonicHaving lower osmotic pressure than another solution
rhapsodicExpressing intense emotion or enthusiasm
dimorphicExhibiting two distinct forms or structures
anthropicRelating to the influence of humans on the universe
panegyricA speech or text of high praise or eulogy
scleroticRelating to the hardening of tissues or becoming rigid
homileticRelating to the art of preaching or giving sermons
pianisticPertaining to piano music or pianists
impoliticLacking political wisdom or prudence
pneumonicRelating to the respiratory system or pneumonia

8-letter Words Ending in “ic”

economicRelating to the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services
specificClearly defined or precise
domesticRelating to the home or household
electricPertaining to electricity or electrical power
academicRelated to education and scholarship
dramaticPertaining to drama or intense emotions
republicA form of government where power is vested in the people and elected representatives
catholicUniversal or all-encompassing
historicRelating to or of historical significance
periodicOccurring at regular intervals
magneticHaving the properties of a magnet
artisticPertaining to the arts and creative expression
romanticCharacterized by an emphasis on love and emotional appeal
athleticPertaining to sports and physical activity
symbolicRepresenting something abstract or figurative
terrificExtremely great or impressive
rhetoricThe art of persuasive speaking and writing
epidemicSpreading rapidly and widely among a population
acousticRelating to sound and its transmission
cosmeticRelating to beauty or appearance improvement
semanticConcerned with the meaning of words and language
diabeticRelating to diabetes, a metabolic disorder
analyticConcerned with the analysis of data and information
forensicRelated to legal or scientific investigation
prolificProducing many works, results, or offspring
volcanicRelated to volcanoes or volcanic activity
systemicRelating to a system or affecting a whole system
metallicComposed of metal or having metal-like qualities
holisticConcerned with treating the whole person or system
patheticEvoking pity or sympathy
horrificExtremely horrifying or frightening
thematicRelating to a specific theme or subject
climaticConcerned with climate or weather conditions
rhythmicHaving a regular and repeated pattern or beat
giganticEnormously large or huge
mechanicRelating to machinery or mechanical systems
sporadicOccurring irregularly or infrequently
majesticImpressively grand or majestic
allergicSensitive or responsive to allergens
harmonicRelated to harmonies or musical concord
eclecticComprising elements from various sources or styles
ecstaticOverwhelmingly joyful or ecstatic
logisticRelating to the organization and planning of complex activities
aromaticHaving a pleasant fragrance or aroma
esotericUnderstood by only a small, specialized group
monasticRelating to monastic life or monks
emphaticExpressed with emphasis or strong conviction
neuroticRelating to neurosis or mental disorders
agnosticUncertain about the existence of God or the supernatural
dogmaticAsserting opinions or beliefs as absolute and indisputable
phoneticConcerned with the sounds of speech
freneticFrantic or wildly excited
tectonicRelating to the movement and deformation of Earth’s crust
hypnoticInducing a trance-like state or sleep
sardonicMocking or cynical in a humorous manner
barbaricSavage, cruel, or uncivilized
didacticIntended to instruct or teach
thoracicRelating to the chest or thorax
operaticPertaining to opera or operatic style
galacticRelating to galaxies or the Milky Way
episodicComprising separate episodes or events
hygienicRelating to cleanliness and healthiness
narcoticInducing sleep or numbness; often refers to drugs
estheticPertaining to aesthetics or artistic beauty
dialogicInvolving a dialogue or conversation
sulfuricContaining or related to sulfur
anarchicCharacterized by an absence of government or authority
meteoricRapidly rising to prominence or fame
anorexicSuffering from or related to anorexia nervosa
synapticRelating to synapses or neural connections
pandemicAffecting a large geographic area and a significant portion of the population
hermeticAirtight or sealed tightly
phonemicConcerned with the individual sounds of language
diureticPromoting the excretion of urine
pedanticExcessively concerned with minor details and rules
quixoticExtremely idealistic or unrealistic
mnemonicAiding or pertaining to memory
phenolicRelating to or derived from phenol
dyslexicHaving difficulty with reading and language
synopticProviding a comprehensive view or summary
semioticConcerned with the study of signs and symbols
geodesicRelated to geodesy, the study of Earth’s shape and measurements
tympanicRelating to the eardrum or tympanum
heraldicConcerned with heraldry and coats of arms
dieteticRelating to diet and nutrition
isotonicHaving the same osmotic pressure as another solution
balsamicRelating to or resembling balsam
turmericA yellow spice often used in cooking
empathicShowing empathy or understanding
eutecticRelating to a eutectic mixture, a combination of substances with the lowest melting point
biphasicHaving two distinct phases or parts
ellipticShaped like an ellipse or oval
aplasticCharacterized by the absence of normal tissue
carbonicRelating to or containing carbon
syllabicPertaining to syllables or syllabication
enzooticOccurring regularly in a specific region or among a specific population of animals
salvificPertaining to salvation or saving
plutonicRelated to or resembling plutonium
galvanicRelating to the action of electricity
beatificBlissfully happy or blessed

7-letter Words Ending in “ic”

trafficThe movement of vehicles or goods on a road or route
pacificPeaceful and calm
dynamicRelating to motion, energy, or change
classicTraditional or of high quality
plasticCapable of being molded or shaped
centricCentered or having a center
organicRelating to living organisms or organic compounds
chronicPersisting over a long period of time
geneticRelating to genes and heredity
graphicPertaining to visual or artistic representation
genericNot specific or having common characteristics
gastricRelating to the stomach or digestion
seismicRelated to earthquakes or seismic activity
drasticExtreme or severe in effect or action
ceramicMade of clay or relating to ceramics
aquaticRelating to water or living in water
elasticCapable of stretching and returning to its original shape
franticWildly excited or anxious
psychicRelating to the mind or supernatural powers
erraticInconsistent or unpredictable
acrylicA type of synthetic resin or plastic material
oceanicRelated to the ocean or its characteristics
endemicNative or restricted to a particular region
numericRelating to numbers or numerical values
kineticRelating to motion or energy in motion
archaicVery old or outdated
aerobicInvolving or requiring oxygen
hepaticRelated to the liver or liver function
causticCapable of burning or corroding substances
titanicEnormously large or powerful
arsenicA toxic chemical element
idyllicExtremely happy, peaceful, or picturesque
comedicRelating to comedy or humor
melodicHaving a pleasant and tuneful sound
crypticMysterious or difficult to understand
fanaticExtremely enthusiastic or devoted
lunaticInsane or mentally unstable
satanicRelating to Satan or devilish
prosaicDull, ordinary, or lacking poetic beauty
demonicRelating to demons or evil spirits
politicRelated to politics or prudent in behavior
polemicInvolving controversial or argumentative writing
somaticRelating to the body or physical structure
skepticDoubtful or questioning the validity of something
entericRelating to the intestines
idioticExtremely foolish or lacking intelligence
asceticPracticing self-discipline and abstaining from indulgence
phallicRelating to the phallus or male sexual organ
asepticFree from disease-causing microorganisms
hereticHolding beliefs that contradict established religious doctrine
laconicUsing few words or concise in speech
mimeticImitative or mimicking
spasticInvoluntary muscle contractions
acerbicSharp or harsh in tone or taste
embolicRelated to an embolism, a blockage in a blood vessel
empiricBased on experience or observation rather than theory
caloricRelating to heat or calories
fluidicRelating to the flow of fluids
bucolicRelating to rural life or the countryside
actinicRelated to radiation, especially ultraviolet or ionizing radiation
trophicRelating to nutrition or the feeding habits of organisms
splenicRelated to the spleen or its functions
stearicRelating to stearin, a type of fatty acid
deicticRelating to words or expressions that indicate or point to something
pelagicRelating to the open sea or oceanic habitats
scepticA variant spelling of “skeptic,” meaning doubtful or questioning
eugenicRelating to the improvement of genetic qualities in a population
rhombicShaped like a rhombus or having a rhombus-like structure
technicRelating to a particular technical field or expertise
clasticComposed of fragments or broken pieces
pyrrhicAchieved at a great cost or with significant losses
sciaticRelating to the sciatic nerve or sciatica
illogicLacking logical reasoning or sense
nematicRelating to nematodes, a type of worm
pyloricRelating to the pylorus, the opening from the stomach into the small intestine
anaemicHaving a reduced number of red blood cells or low hemoglobin levels
demoticRelating to the common people or everyday language
dibasicHaving two acidic hydrogen atoms
voltaicRelated to the production of electricity by chemical action
racemicA mixture that is optically inactive and contains equal amounts of enantiomers
abioticNot associated with or produced by living organisms
eideticPertaining to eidetic memory, the ability to recall images with great detail
butyricRelating to or resembling butyric acid, a type of fatty acid
oneiricRelating to dreams or dreamlike experiences
galenicRelating to or based on the medical theories of Galen
tetanicRelating to or characterized by muscle tetanus, a sustained muscle contraction
alembicA distillation apparatus or container
hedonicRelating to pleasure or the pursuit of pleasure
silicicContaining or related to silicon
priapicRelating to male sexual potency or the phallus
cambricA fine white linen or cotton fabric
alkalicHaving alkaline properties or qualities
acyclicNot cyclic or having no cyclic structure
maleficCausing harm or evil
chromicContaining chromium or related to chromium
phrenicRelating to the diaphragm or the mind
quanticRelating to quanta, discrete units of energy or matter
thermicRelated to heat or temperature
atacticLacking regularity or order
georgicRelating to agriculture or farming

6-letter Words Ending in “ic”

publicRelated to the general public or community
ethnicRelating to a particular ethnic group or culture
fabricMaterial or textile
clinicA medical facility or healthcare center
staticLacking movement or change
criticA person who evaluates or judges something critically
tragicInvolving great sorrow or a disastrous outcome
exoticUnusual or foreign, often in an appealing way
atomicRelated to atoms or atomic structure
ironicContrary to what is expected or intended
metricRelating to measurement or a system of measurement
mosaicAn art form using small colored pieces to create a pattern or image
garlicA pungent and flavorful bulb used in cooking
arcticRelating to the Arctic region or extreme cold
heroicDisplaying courage or heroism
poeticRelated to poetry or having poetic qualities
picnicAn outdoor meal or gathering
tacticA strategy or plan of action
eroticRelating to sexual desire or arousal
hecticExtremely busy or frenzied
scenicRelated to natural scenery or landscapes
cosmicRelating to the universe or cosmos
cysticRelating to cysts, fluid-filled sacs or cavities
mysticRelating to mystical or spiritual experiences
rusticRelating to the countryside or rural areas
cyclicOccurring in a cycle or repeating pattern
pelvicRelating to the pelvis or pelvic region
acidicHaving a low pH or being sour in taste
anemicRelating to anemia, a deficiency of red blood cells
nitricRelating to nitric acid or its compounds
iconicRepresenting an icon or symbol
septicInfected with bacteria or microorganisms
pepticRelating to digestion or stomach acidity
clericA member of the clergy or religious leader
rubricA set of instructions or established rules
aceticRelated to acetic acid or vinegar
tropicRelating to the tropics or tropical regions
lacticRelating to lactic acid or its production
frolicPlayful or merry activity
biopicA biographical movie or film
hapticRelating to the sense of touch or tactile feedback
bioticRelating to living organisms or life processes
felsicRelating to felsic rocks or minerals
citricRelating to citric acid or citrus fruits
phobicHaving a fear or aversion to something
ferricRelating to iron in its +3 oxidation state
atopicRelating to allergies or hypersensitivity
masticChewing or crushing with the teeth
dyadicInvolving two people or elements
filmicRelating to films or cinematic qualities
bionicHaving characteristics of or resembling a machine or robot
limbicRelating to the limbic system in the brain
physicRelating to the study of nature and natural phenomena
emeticInducing vomiting or nausea
phonicRelated to sound or the transmission of sound
iambicPertaining to iambic meter in poetry
thymicRelating to the thymus gland or thymus tissue
irenicPromoting peace or reconciliation
formicRelating to formic acid or ants
stericRelating to the spatial arrangement of atoms
gnomicPertaining to or resembling gnomic or aphoristic sayings
tannicContaining tannin or having astringent qualities
ovonicRelating to ovonic acid or its derivatives
azonicHaving no zone or being without zones
noeticRelating to the intellect or intellectual activity
lithicRelating to stone or lithography
chemicRelated to chemistry or chemicals
calcicRelating to calcium or calcium compounds
cupricRelating to copper or copper compounds
atonicLacking normal muscle tone or strength
axenicFree from contaminants or living organisms
choricRelating to or performed by a choir or chorus
theticRelating to synthesis or creation
hydricRelating to water or moisture
echoicResembling or imitating sounds
fisticRelating to or involving boxing or fists
photicRelated to light or the perception of light
manticRelating to divination or prophetic practices
syndicAn official or administrator, especially in certain European countries
fanficInformal writing or stories created by fans of a particular work
phaticRelating to communication for social purposes rather than conveying information
agonicLacking tension or conflict
deificRelating to deity or divine qualities
mioticCausing constriction of the pupil of the eye
lenticRelating to or resembling a lens or lentil
nasticRelating to nastic movements, non-directional plant responses to stimuli
gesticRelating to gestures or expressive movements
dermicRelating to the skin or dermatology
agaricA type of mushroom
creticA metrical foot consisting of one short syllable followed by one long syllable followed by one short syllable
ureticRelating to or promoting diuresis, the increased production of urine
thoricRelating to thorium or its properties
pyknicRelating to a body type characterized by a round or stocky build
holmicRelating to holmium, a chemical element
uranicRelating to uranium or its properties
cyanicRelating to cyanide or its compounds
agamicAsexual or not involving sexual reproduction
iridicRelating to iridium or its properties
herdicA type of horse-drawn carriage
fusticA yellow dye obtained from a tree’s wood

5-letter Words Ending in “ic”

basicFundamental or essential
musicArtistic expression through sound
logicReasoning or the study of reasoning
magicSupernatural or mysterious power
topicSubject of discussion or conversation
civicRelated to a city or citizenship
toxicPoisonous or harmful to living organisms
comicHumorous or relating to comedy
panicSudden, intense fear or anxiety
cubicShaped like a cube or involving cubes
opticRelated to vision or the eyes
ethicMoral principles or values
sonicRelated to sound or speed of sound
atticA space or room beneath a roof
mimicImitative or resembling something else
lyricExpressive of emotions in poetic form
tonicRestorative or invigorating substance
manicExcessively energetic or enthusiastic
relicAn object of historical or sentimental value
ionicRelating to ions or charged particles
pubicRelated to the pubic region
medicRelated to medicine or medical treatment
maficRelating to rocks with high levels of magnesium and iron
tunicA loose-fitting garment
stoicEnduring pain or hardship without complaint
cynicSkeptical or distrustful of human motives
colicAbdominal pain, often in infants
oleicRelating to oleic acid, a type of fatty acid
anticPlayful or humorous
toricRelating to a torus, a geometric shape
aspicA savory jelly made from meat or fish
lyticCausing the disintegration of cells or tissues
boricRelating to boron or its compounds
ludicRelated to play or games
humicRelating to humus, organic soil material
mesicHaving a moderate level of moisture
telicHaving an end or purpose
auricRelated to gold or the aura
conicShaped like a cone or conical
hemicRelated to hemoglobin or blood
salicRelating to willow trees or salicylic acid
runicRelating to runes, ancient alphabetic characters
onticRelating to existence or ontology
vaticProphetic or visionary
genicRelated to production or generation
osmicRelating to or having a smell
xericAdapted to dry conditions
cericRelating to cerium, a chemical element
sodicRelating to sodium or its compounds
melicRelating to melody or musical sounds
loticRelating to flowing water or rivers
gamicRelated to gametes or reproduction
azoicRelating to a geologic era characterized by the absence of life
vinicRelating to wine or vineyards
pyricRelating to fire or pyrotechnics
asdicA type of underwater sound detection and ranging (sonar) system
pudicRelated to modesty or shame
ureicRelating to urea or its compounds
areicRelating to Ares, the Greek god of war
iodicRelating to iodine or its compounds
rabicRelated to rabies or madness
yogicRelated to yoga or yogic practices
orgicRelating to orgies or excessive pleasure
aulicRelating to a court or palace
folicRelated to folic acid or folate
malicRelating to malic acid, a type of organic acid
demicRelating to a particular population or demographic group
acmicRelating to acme or the highest point
ohmicRelating to electrical resistance
domicRelated to a domicile or place of residence
icticRelating to an epileptic seizure or fit
amnicRelated to rivers or streams
xenicContaining or relating to xenon
yonicRelating to the female genitalia or the yoni
sepicRelating to or resembling sepia, a brown pigment
typicTypical or characteristic
baricRelating to pressure or weight
daricAn ancient Persian gold coin
naricRelating to the nostrils or nasal passages

4-letter Words Ending in “ic”

  1. Epic – Relating to a long narrative poem that tells the adventures of a hero.
  2. Chic – Stylish or fashionable.
  3. Otic – Related to the ear.
  4. Spic – A derogatory term, considered offensive, used to refer to a person of Hispanic or Latino descent.
  5. Uric – Pertaining to uric acid, a compound found in urine and other bodily fluids.
  6. Flic – Informal abbreviation for a “flick,” meaning a movie or film.
  7. Emic – Relating to the study of cultures from an insider’s perspective.
  8. Etic – Relating to the study of cultures from an outsider’s perspective.
  9. Laic – Pertaining to laypeople or the secular world, as opposed to the clergy.
  10. Odic – Relating to ode, a type of lyric poem.
  11. Zoic – Relating to animals or animal life.
  12. Huic – An archaic term meaning “this” or “this one.”
  13. Pyic – Relating to pyrite, a mineral also known as “fool’s gold.”

3-letter Words Ending in “ic”

  1. Sic – A Latin term often used in English to indicate that a quoted word or phrase appears exactly as it was in the original source, including any errors or unusual spellings.
  2. Pic – An informal abbreviation for “picture” or “photograph.”
  3. Mic – Informal abbreviation for “microphone,” a device used to capture sound.
  4. Tic – A sudden, rapid, involuntary movement or twitch, typically involving a muscle.
  5. Hic – Informal abbreviation for “hiccups,” a reflexive spasm of the diaphragm that causes a sudden intake of breath, often accompanied by a sound.

Here are 10 quizzes related to the words in the tables

Quiz 1: 10-Letter Words Ending in “ic”

  1. What 10-letter word ending in “ic” refers to a substance that prevents the growth of microorganisms?
  2. Which 10-letter word ending in “ic” is related to the study of living organisms in their natural environment?
  3. What 10-letter word ending in “ic” describes a type of medical imaging technique that uses high-frequency sound waves?
  4. Identify the 10-letter word ending in “ic” that is associated with the measurement of electrical resistance.
  5. Which 10-letter word ending in “ic” refers to a musical instrument that uses electricity to produce sound?

Quiz 2: 9-Letter Words Ending in “ic”

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Created by Dr. Julia Rossi

English Language Level Placement Test – (TEFL)

Take this quiz and find out how good your English is. Pass and receive an “English Language Level Placement” certificate.

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What is a simile?

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Identify the simile in the following sentence: “She swims like a fish.”

3 / 20

What is a metaphor?

4 / 20

Which of the following is a metaphor?

5 / 20

What is an idiom?

6 / 20

What does the idiom “break the ice” mean?

7 / 20

What is an adjective?

8 / 20

Choose the adjective in the following sentence: “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”

9 / 20

What is an abbreviation?

10 / 20

What does the abbreviation “e.g.” stand for?

11 / 20

What is a verb?

12 / 20

Identify the verb in the following sentence: “The cat sleeps on the sofa.”

13 / 20

“Out of the frying pan into the fire” is an example of:

14 / 20

Which of the following is an adjective?

15 / 20

The abbreviation “NASA” stands for:

16 / 20

Choose the metaphor in the following sentence: “Time is a thief.”

17 / 20

What does the idiom “hit the books” mean?

18 / 20

Which of the following sentences contains a simile?

19 / 20

“LOL” is an abbreviation for:

20 / 20

Identify the verb in this sentence: “They whispered secrets into the night.”

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  1. What 9-letter word ending in “ic” is related to the study of shapes and sizes of Earth’s features?
  2. Identify the 9-letter word ending in “ic” that describes the use of a material to prevent the passage of heat or electricity.
  3. What 9-letter word ending in “ic” refers to the study of ancient life forms through fossil evidence?
  4. Which 9-letter word ending in “ic” describes a medical condition characterized by inflammation of the joints?
  5. What 9-letter word ending in “ic” is used to describe the properties of light or the perception of light?

Quiz 3: 8-Letter Words Ending in “ic”

  1. Which 8-letter word ending in “ic” refers to the science of designing and constructing buildings?
  2. What 8-letter word ending in “ic” describes a substance that can dissolve in water?
  3. Identify the 8-letter word ending in “ic” that relates to the measurement of temperature.
  4. What 8-letter word ending in “ic” refers to a literary work that is critical of human behavior or society?
  5. Which 8-letter word ending in “ic” describes the study of how living organisms interact with their environment?

Quiz 4: 7-Letter Words Ending in “ic”

  1. What 7-letter word ending in “ic” is used to describe something that is related to the body’s muscles and movement?
  2. Identify the 7-letter word ending in “ic” that means related to or located on the surface of the Earth.
  3. Which 7-letter word ending in “ic” refers to the study of the Earth’s atmosphere and weather patterns?
  4. What 7-letter word ending in “ic” describes a word or phrase that has the same pronunciation but different meanings or spellings?
  5. Name the 7-letter word ending in “ic” that means related to the study of the mind and behavior.

Quiz 5: 6-Letter Words Ending in “ic”

  1. What 6-letter word ending in “ic” means related to the study of living organisms and their interactions?
  2. Identify the 6-letter word ending in “ic” that describes something related to the use of electricity.
  3. Which 6-letter word ending in “ic” refers to the study of words and their meanings?
  4. What 6-letter word ending in “ic” is used to describe something that is strange or mysterious in a supernatural way?
  5. Name the 6-letter word ending in “ic” that means related to the study of sound waves and their properties.

Feel free to ask if you’d like the correct answers or any other quizzes related to these words!

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